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Nursing Organization Professional Meeting Critique

develop Nursing leadership amongst colleagues which can advance the profession. Professional NURSING organizations create opportunities to develop leadership skills in a mutually respectful environment. Professional NURSING organizations advocate for lifelong learning, and Nursing empowerment as members of a shared profession. This assignment is an invitation to find an organization which fulfills your long-term professional NURSING goals.

This assignment meets the course objectives to develop strategies for exercising leadership in Nursing, promoting excellence, and being professionally involved in the profession to create nursing’s preferred future; and to evaluate the adoption of professional scholarly Nursing actions to develop standards of excellence across practice settings. Membership in organizations creates networking which leads to mentoring and role modeling of leadership behaviors. (A 50% grade will be assigned to this paper if attendance is not with a Professional NURSING Organization. Attending an INTERDISCIPLINARY organization does not meet the criteria for this assignment nor does attending a shared governance council within your organization).

A. Attend a meeting in your particular area of expertise; or if you are currently an active member of a Professional organization discover a different one.
B. Attend the meeting prior to the due date for this assignment.
C. Write a 3-5 page critique of this meeting using APA format for any cited resources and create a document which describes:
The Organization
Mission, goals, and focus
Examine traits of Followers and Leaders in the meeting
Conduct a brief interview with an officer discussing why they chose to lead? Were they elected volunteered? or selected? What leadership role would you feel comfortable in? Secretary, Treasurer, President, Vice President, etc.?What are the advantages of being a member of this professional group? What percentage of members are certified in this group (estimate or ask person taking attendance)? Would you consider joining the organization? Could you actively participate as a member? If not, explain why?

Sample Solution

on their blood-lines. The movies were able to portray these prejudices through the usage of rhetorical devices such as audience, pathos and purpose. According to Carroll, audience consists of “those who are the (intended or unintended) recipients of the rhetorical message,” (Carroll, 2010). Even though the target audience is children, a majority of the viewers are teenagers and young adults. In this specific case, the audience was able to connect with the prejudices, at hand, because of the way the issues were presented. For example, the suffering class were represented by “cute” characters like Dobby and strong personalities like Hermione. The second rhetorical device used in the series was pathos. Pathos is the use of emotions to make an appeal to the audience. There were copious scenes in which emotions was the main mechanism used to gain the audience’s attention. The third rhetorical device used was purpose, purpose it the reason to why something is done which in this case is the creation of the Harry Potter series. The world of Harry Potter sheds light on the cruelty and harsh treatment of certain magical creatures. House elves like Dobby, in particular, are treated with great disrespect by most of their wizard masters. House elves, despite being magical and quite intelligent, are kept only to do housework and chores, and for the most part, have to endure harsh treatment from their masters. In the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, we witnessed Harry’s kind behavior towards Dobby when he comes to visit him prior to his arrival at Hogwarts for his second year, and it becomes apparent that Dobby has been maltreated and ignored his entire life. Harry politely stated, “Sit down,” pointing at the bed. To his horror, Dobby bursts into tears – very noisy tears. “S-sit down!” he wailed…” Dobby has never been asked to sit down by a wizard – like an equal” (Potter, 2012). This shows that when Harry treated Dobby with respect, it is too much for Dobby to handle. The shot showed Dobby’s reaction, when Harry told him to sit down, he was shocked be

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