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Nursing theory

Choose a theory from your undergraduate education in any discipline. It should be a commonly used theory for the general public such as Maslow, Darwin, Descartes, or others you used in physiology courses, chemistry, business courses, etc. Do not use a nursing theory. Provide the theory in your response. Identify the two concepts and the proposition between them. Explain the concepts. How might the terms used differ from the general use of the term? How might the term be confused or misinterpreted? Format your theory in the form “psychosocial development (Concept A) progresses through (Proposition) stages (Concept B)”.

Sample Solution

) but with more alternations. In general, Fugue is a kind of musical composition based entirely on the imitation technique. Its main difference from the other musical genres is that its main theme is presented in succession by all the combined voices, with a relatively symmetrical periodicity in various tonalities which are more or less predetermined in advance [Karl Nef, 1991]. Golden Section The structure of rhythm and harmony are based on proportions. These can be found in the progress of Fibonacci, which gives approaches to the golden section. Besides sorting the frequencies, the golden section has also been used at a more general level to achieve the compositional balance. Using the characteristics of φ (about 1.62), the composers adjusted the length of the notes in order to obtain subdivisions of the golden section. Patterns Patterns are one of the links between architecture and music and offer both inspiration and technique. In addition to the decorative elements of a building, patterns have been used in the form of “pattern language” by architect Christopher Alexander as a method of architectural production. Fractals Fractals are a method of repeating a pattern in the sense of self-referencing. These are geometric shapes divided into pieces, each of which is a smaller scale copy of the whole. [David Wade, 2006] Compositions using a fractal structure are usually time-based patterns. Based on a rule algorithm, they organize a pattern of notes in a repetitive sequence, reproduced like cells. This can lead to an uncontrolled situation but we can always go back and recognize the original pattern, as in all fractal structures. [Isabel Mundry, 2009]

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