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Nutrition and weight status

Review all the materials discussed in this and the preceding module. After reading the information and guidelines, discuss why nutrition and weight status are important for health. Post one reference you used for the evidence-based information you are discussing.

Sample Solution

al farming was proposed to provide many potential benefits using hydroponics and aeroponics technology indoor. For example, with the world estimate to increase by 3 billion people by the year 2050 with 80% living in the urban area, vertical farming could reduce the need for additional farmland (2). Vertical farming also potentially eliminates spoilage and weather disruption, as well as avoiding weather disruption such as monsoon, tornadoes, and flooding. This increases the overall yield in the annual harvest. By reducing or eliminates the need for additional farmland, vertical farming could potentially conserve natural biomes and prevents mass extinction that is often affected in deforestation. With hydroponics and aeroponics technology, exposure to toxic pesticides and fungicides are avoided as well in vertical farming (2). Countries such as Singapore, a land-scarce country where there is only 0.8% arable land, is suitable for vertical farming to sustain its population food demand. Every year, Singapore imports over 90% of the food the country consumes. In 2014, Singapore spent approximately S$14.8 billion importing 5.9 million tonnes of food and vegetables was the main bulk of imports. Hence, securing the supply of vegetables to feed the 5.5 million population cannot be overlooked. In order to sustain Singapore’s food supply, they venture into vertical farming. Sky Greens, the world’s first low carbon, hydraulic driven vertical farm, was commercially set-up in Singapore in 2012 (2). Over 100 nine-meter tall towers was built to provide urban sustainability where it can achieve 10 times the yield per unit area compared to traditional farms, with the use of one light bulb to power one towers and 0.5 liters of reusable water to rotate the 1.7 tonnes vertical structure, ensuring that the crops get even distribution sunlight exposure (4). Using low energy consumption and reusable water, Sky Greens was not only able to reduce carbon footprint but to sustain Singapore’s vegetable demands to a certain extent.

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