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Observable data

What did you count as observable data? Reflect on how priming forced you to focus on certain points of evidence, and made you de-prioritize others.
Provide feedback to your classmates about the claims and evidence they used. Consider what conclusions (claims) could be drawn based on your evidence, and what additional research or data are needed to make those interpretations.
Think about a project that you are interested in taking on (for example, your Capstone project). Identify a community, group, organization, or space that you might complete your project with(in). What groups of people you may need to consider collecting data from (interviewing, observing, surveying, etc.)?
What kinds of data you might have access to within that community, group, organization, or space? What preliminary research design activities do you need to consider before taking on the project

Sample Solution

nd clandestinely from Iran or Russia. If we want a brief outlook on Hamas ballistic capabilities, Cast Lead (or The Gaza War) provides data that highlights an extremely powerful capacity. During these confrontations that lasted from December 27, 2008 to January 18, 2009, Hamas launched more than 600 rockets, most of them Qassam (nearly 400) of 90-122mm in an area of over 70 square kilometers . To this, over 300 mortars and nearly 900 HTR (high-trajectory rounds) are added. The main targets of these launches were the Israeli cities Beersheva, Hebron, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Tel Aviv . As in the Lebanon war of 2006, Hamas also confirmed the lack of accuracy in addressing strategic objectives of the IDF. Thus, many of the missiles launched did not cause any damage to the enemy, and many of them have accidentally hit civilian targets. However, most rockets hit both civilian and military targets (especially in the southern area of Israel), causing a strong psychological and media impact . Hamas’s defense strategy aims to use the urban agglomeration in maximum terms, where the movement manages to carry out its actions using the civilian population as a possible threat to I.D.F. threats. During the Gaza War, defense was conceived in three major urban centers – Rafah – Khan Yunis – Gaza City – around which security zones were built . The strip had three lines of defense – 1. the central zone of the city (defended by elite troops – commanders); 2. City entrance area – Defended by light brigades disposed in the eastern area in the form of semicircle; 3. the first line of defense (in the form of a security border) along the 64 km of the strip . In fact, the strategy designed by the leaders of the movement is very interesting to avoid a possible encirclement. Underneath each city, they dug long miles of tunnels through which they went outside the city, having the ability to surprise the enemy by attacking back attacks . As for defensive weapons, Hamas uses the following defensive devices : ‘ Anti-tank devices ‘ RPG 7 Types; SAGGER AT ‘ 3; ATGM 4 ( Anti Tank Guided Missle) ‘ Antiaircraft ‘ SA ‘ 7 Types ‘ Mine ‘ Anti-tank, Anti-personnel ‘ IEDs ‘ improvised explosive devices ‘ different types

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