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Ong’s demonstration of women of color physicists

1) Consider Ong’s demonstration of women of color physicists engaging in projects of fragmentation and multiplicity. Describe an example from media that you have consumed (a TV show, a movie, a book) in which a character engaged in either fragmentation or multiplicity. As a part of your description, you should integrate an explanation of either fragmentation or multiplicity.
2) Consider McDermott and Varenne’s argument that Adam was acquired by Learning Disability. Describe an example from media that you have consumed (a TV show, a movie, a book) in which a character was acquired by a label. As a part of your description, you should integrate an explanation of what it means to be acquired by a label.

Questions 3 – 5 – answer two.
3) Choose ONE distinction: de Certeau’s distinction between voyeurs and walkersOR Ingold’s distinction between transport and wayfaring. Explain this distinction, describing what is missed/overlooked/invisibilized when adopting a perspective that abstracts from experience. As a part of your explanation, you should integrate a description of an example provided by de Certeau or Ingold.
4) Consider Goffman’s explanation of how a working consensus is collaboratively achieved by participants in a given social situation. Describe an example from your everyday life in which you accepted the definitional claims of another participant, so as to maintain a working consensus in your interaction. As a part of your description, you should integrate a description of this social situation and an explanation of how this social situation was a collaborative, interactional achievement.
5) Choose ONE social setting: EITHER the local physics community described by Ong OR the classroom described by McDermott and Varenne. Describe this social setting, explaining how it complicates, enriches, and/or exemplifies the understanding of communities of practice described by Lave and Wenger. As a part of your description, you should integrate an explanation of communities of practice

Sample Solution

ndeed, stakeholders are the main actors in place brands. In fact, this is one of the reasons, that forms the complexity and interdicilinarity of place brands. People, work, socialise in place, construct and co-create them (Stubbs and Warnaby, 2015). Place brands’ stakeholders can be categorised as residents, politicians, government organisations, promotion agencies, infrastructure and transport providers, cultural and sports organisations, businesses, academic organisations and schools, religious organisations (Stubbs and Warnaby, 2015). Methods ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less. Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass Taking into consideration the heterogeneity and complexity of the concept of time especially in its relation to the concept of place brand, special attention should be paid to the choice of methods appropriate to answer such a diverse research question. As place branding is a multidisciplinary domain, it allows to apply a range of different research methods from various fields. The most common ones include interviews, observations, surveys, and a range of quantitative methods. To answer my research question, qualitative and qualitative methods will be applied. Fore the first research question “Do different stakeholders’ perceptions of time affect their associations with the place brand and how? Qualitative For this part of the research I would apply a range of qualitative methods. 1) Semi-structured interviews. The interview method is a widely used sociological instrument in place marketing and branding studies (E. g., Kavaratzis, 2008, Rainisto, 2003). Interviews can be used to “analyse consumers’ interpretations of their behavior and relationships with brands” (Lunt,2017). My data will consist of interview’s transcripts analysed with the NVIVO. NVIVO is a popular software used for analysing different types of rich data. The Program allows the user to apply a set of various tools to provide detailed analysis of texts and visual data, such as pictures and photos. NVIVO is able to manage data and ideas, query data, visualise it and report from the data (Bazeley and Jackson, 2013). From the interpretative point of view, the aim of the research is explaining the understanding and perceptions of time by different place’s stakeholders. Interpretive researchers assume that access to reality (given or socially constructed) is only through social constructions such as language, consciousness, shared meanings, and instruments” (Myers, 2008). Experiments. Behavioral economics is a field of contemporary economic theory that applies psychological insights into human behaviour to explain economic decision-making. Behavioral economics applies a range of experimental methods to study consumers’ preferences and decision making. Moreover, much attention is paid to time-related aspects of decision making (Thaler, 2015). It is considered, that “people’s preferences appear to change for no reason

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