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In recent years, healthcare pricing has come under much scrutiny. Calls for price transparency have been made, loudly and clearly. Discounting prices to some recipients or payers occur, but how and why does this happen? Patients with insurance typically pay an insurance-negotiated discounted rate, while patients without insurance can be asked to pay the full amount that is charged by the provider or facility. Why can’t you simply look on each provider’s website to see the exact cost of your office visit, or your x-ray? With the many methods of cost-setting available to us as healthcare managers, we see how there is a high degree of variability in the amount charged per service from person to person, and state to state. In moving towards either voluntary or state-mandated transparency in healthcare pricing, we consider the following Case assignment questions

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Jordan, literacy and treatment of women is regional. It is clear that female illiteracy rates are always higher than males (about double) in the different regions. But these rates differ significantly from one region to another. For example, in Amman, the capital, female illiteracy rates are the lowest in the country, while for in Ma’an and Mafraq, which are considered rural areas, they are the highest. These differences in rates are not surprising. As explained above, in rural areas, women’s education is usually disapproved of and traditional attitudes still place more importance on the education of sons. In contrast, Amman, similar to other capital cities around the world, has more money, power, and industry. Industrialization and capitalism can be seen as replacing traditional norms and alleviating the need for women to stay at home, and thus have played a major role in improving social attitudes towards women’s education. One cannot speak about Jordan as if it is just Amman. Although Amman has made significant progress in terms of Human Rights, the more rural regions, which value tribal structure and kinship, have not changed much in terms of gender relations. If there were fairer distribution of industrialization and services throughout the country, it would most likely improve women’s status, and subsequently human status throughout the country. Rights for Children The concept of the “best interest” of the child was not present at the beginning of the Jordanian legal system. In regard to family law, the Jordanian government continued to apply the OLFR of 1917, but it did not contain any custody provisions. It was not until 1951, when the Jordanian government issued a new family law entitled the Jordanian Law of Family Rights (JLFR), which was largely derived from the OLFR, that an attempt to codify provisions to custody were made. The number of women’s rights groups began to increase in the 1990s and along with that increase, women began to formulate more concrete demands regarding overall personal status law reform, including provisions regarding child law. These demands were supported by international law through legal documents such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which came into play in 1990. Jordan ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) on 24 May 1991. Like other Middle Eastern states, Jordan had several reservations about certain articles in the convention. The Jordanian government has been careful in emphasizing that it adopted the concept of the “best interests of the child”, although certain

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