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Operations Management and Factors Affecting Productivity

Maduro Cleaning is a small organization that provides cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients. As a small organization, the owner assigns crews of two, three, or four employees to jobs each morning but the owner does not have a good method of determining a reasonable amount of time that each cleaning should take. The owner decided to keep data on job times and crew sizes in the hopes of developing a productivity measure.

Address the following requirements:

Calculate which of the crew sizes has the best productivity per worker and explain your method.

Evaluate your outcome and the possible reasons that would explain those results.

Project what the productivity might be for a crew size of five and explain your reasoning.

Crew Size Avg: Productivity per Crew

2: 3765 square meters per day

3: 4915 square meters per day

4: 6309 square meters per day

Sample Solution

Predominantly, investigations into hybridity regarding organizational form, institutional logic and organizational identity, have come to corresponding conclusions, despite their distinctive analysis. Although these various streams offer differing lenses through which one can view how organizations experience hybridity, there is no denying their interrelationship (Battilana and Lee, 2014, p.402). Organizational logics exist as the clusters of cultural materials and features, taken-for-granted beliefs and practices, which together comprise and construct organizational forms. Once these forms are adopted and institutionalized, they in turn provide the “cultural materials that organizational members assemble” to formulate “essential identity elements” (Glynn, 2008, p.426). While the co-occurrence of these three constructs is without question, the third of these streams, organizational identity, is the focal point of this thesis. Albert and Whetten (1985) conceptualize organizational identity as being central, distinctive and enduring. In other words, the makeup of organizational identity are those attributes that members feel are fundamental to (central), uniquely descriptive of (distinctive) and that persist within the organization over time (enduring) (Pratt and Foreman, 2000, p.20). The configuration of these identities, determine the manageability of a hybrid identity, not only in its existence, but in its propensity to thrive. A plethora of variables, such as the quantity of identities being combined or the synergy of those identities have enormous impact (Pratt and Foreman (2000)). Identities should be further categorized as either core or peripheral. According to Albert and Whetten (1985), core, or holographic, multiple identities are shared across the entire organization by all of its members; while peripheral, or ideographic, multiple identities are carried by subgroups within the organization but are not shared organization-wide. Such a cocktail of identities is extremely complex and has the potential to insight conflict, however, managed effectively, multiple identities have far reaching impact across every aspect of an organization. The hybrid organization that is able to harness this powerful effect, can engage in successful commerce. There are copious organizational settings that encompass multiple identities which could be drawn upon, such as hospitals or universities, however this thesis selects the social enterprise as the prime perspective through which to investigate hybrid organizational identity. Social enterprises embed conflicting social welfare an

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