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Optimal Strategy with a Nonzero-sum Game

During the city’s mayoral race one of the candidates hires G&B Consulting. This candidate is a challenger from the same party as the incumbent mayor and is vying to be put on the ticket in the general election. She believes that the nomination will likely come down to what stance she takes on a proposed tax bill. The bill is for a tax increase that would subsidize education grants. Staying within traditional party lines would be advantageous to gaining support from the core constituency, but going against party lines on the issue would help sway swing voters and independents. The issue is bound to come up at an upcoming debate and she wants the help of G&B Consulting to determine an optimum strategy.

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standardise framework based on ethical practice that all Social Workers must adhere to. As a commissioned Service my agency is subject to inspection from the Regulation and Quality, Improvement Authority (RQIA). As such we must comply with departmental standards in relation to the provision and quality of care and support offered to care leavers (DHSSPS 2012). To carry out my role effectively, I have to be mindful of Attachment Theory. This provides a framework which enables me to understand the perspective and experiences of many of the young people leaving care. They are likely to have experienced disrupted relationships, insecure attachments, loss and separation. Whilst it is important to not categorise all care leavers as a homogenous group, Attachment theory can provide answers to why Young people leaving care may find it difficult to trust the adults around them, as they have not had a secure base, and had limited experience of loving, caring relationships (Howe, 1995; Stein, 2004; Crawford and Walker, 2007). In conjunction with Attachment theory research on building resilience is key carrying out my role effectively. Many commentators argue that promoting resilience at all stages of the care continuum can lead to better outcomes for children and young people. Regardless of their difficult and poor experiences, care experience young people should be given the opportunity to grow and develop their resilience post care. This can be achieved through providing young people with stability, helping them develop a positive sense of identity, enabling a positive experience of education, by having opportunities for turning points, planning and problem solving, and more gradual and supported transitions from care. [Stein 2012, Stein 2004, Stein and Wade 2004} Analysis of Social Work process/intervention Miss X Soon after moving in to our accommodation, it became evident that Miss X was struggling with the transition from Foster Care to semi-independent living. Miss X had to adjust to several changes at the one time, accommodation placement move, change in statutory social worker and beginning a new tra

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