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Tom Northrup, Founder and Principal of the Leadership Management Group (LMG), said, “All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting. If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.†Consider this statement in the context of Healthcare operations. Is your organization designed to maximize value for the patient? If yes, explain why. If no, what is the one design change you would make to improve your organization?

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Arntz, who is responsible for the majority of Isotype’s famous work. The principle explained that the best way to visualise comparison data, such as the amount of marriages on two respective years (fig.3), was to have a long row of repeated pictograms rather than an enlarged one to show that there were many marriages that year. These principles still work today within information design, and helped develop a symbolic language of communication. Would these principles help the development of an exclusively pictographic language? fig.3 Illustrations from Otto Neurath, International Picture Language, London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., 1936 Neurath never intended on making Isotype a language, rather to develop a way of simplifying information to allow everyone an equal system of learning (Neurath.O, 2010). Isotype helped kickstart the use of pictograms in everyday life, however, it did not develop a language that could be shared across the world. Many symbols created by Arntz act universally, and his visual style helped develope many pictograms we use today. However, the majority of Isotype infographics share the common need for text and are designed to be read at face value. Instead of linearly putting a symbol after another, Arntz combined symbols to change their meaning. This meant that a pictogram could be adaptable with added features. (fig 4.) An icon of a man with an icon of a cog equals a factory worker. However this leaves little for interpretation, as the combined symbols still hold their original meaning, just in an altered context. If the reader subsequently knows the symbols, interpretation is needed as to not read the information literally. If the symbols for male and female had an electric fuse symbol between them, it would not mean an actual fuse but imply that a relationship is on edge at the point of breaking (Munari.B, 1966). The

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