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Paramedics after experiencing an episode of chest pain

Start by reading and following these instructions:

Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.
Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources. Choose your sources carefully.
Consider the discussion and the any insights you gained from it.
Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.
Assignment Guidelines:

This assignment must be in APA format.
The assignment should be in paragraph form using complete sentences and avoiding bullet points and numbered list.
Use a Level 1 heading to separate your sections (Page 47 of the APA Publication Manual).
Title and reference pages do not count toward the total word or page count.
Textbook and outside sources need to be referenced and cited in the paper.
Essays: (at least 300 words per prompt)

  1. Kate is born with features that do not look quite normal. Her eyes are wide-set and slightly slanted. Her nose is short and flat, and she keeps her mouth slightly open. There is a straight crease across her palm, and her fifth digit is unusually short. The doctor tells her parents she has an inherited disorder. If you were the doctor what would you diagnosis Kate with? Discuss the etiology of Kate’s disorder? What is the biggest risk factor for this disorder? How can or will this disorder affect Kate? What test could have been completed to diagnosis this disorder before Kate’s birth?
  2. Research one autosomal dominant disease, one autosomal recessive disease, and a sex-linked disease. For each disease discuss: 1. Etiology, 2. Signs and Symptoms, 3. Diagnosis, 4. Treatment and Prevention. Provide additional information from an outside source.
  3. A 12-year-old child experiences high fever and chills. He also says that his heart feels like its pounding. Two weeks before these symptoms, the child fell off his bike and skinned his knee. This child also has a history of a heart murmur. What disease should be considered and what is the treatment? What congenital heart disease is associated with heart murmurs?
  4. A 59-year-old male calls the paramedics after experiencing an episode of chest pain while shoveling snow. He describes his pain as a crushing, tight feeling that radiates to his left arm and jaw. What type(s) of heart disease is this patient experiencing (explain)? What diagnostic test would you expect the physician to order and why? What is the treatment?

Sample Solution

s group across the gathering in a controlled way and furthermore putting accentuation on preparing and improvement of the work force. As an action for the credit risk, the organization continually following the clients for installments. To relieve the capital gamble, Access Intelligence is arranging non-center resources and goes with a legitimate speculation choices through consolidating different procedures for assessing the interests in projects. Along these lines, Access Intelligence is holding back nothing which will empower to give a coordinated robotized and dynamic capacity in light of correspondence programming items, force of computerized reasoning and through AI. This will empower to disturb the business by enabling clients with state of the art correspondence the board item for overseeing brands. So by empowering a skilled item improvement and legitimate accentuation on deals force, the organization is meaning to convey best incentive for the financial backer's interest in the organization. Evaluation of the Capital Structure and profit strategy of the organization throughout the previous 3 years and its effects on the exhibition of the organization: The subtleties of the specific significant components are given in the table beneath which will assist with surveying the general capital construction and the profit strategy of the Access Intelligence and the effects on the monetary execution. The subtleties of the EBIT, Net benefit or shortfall, value capital, obligation capital and profit history for the last 3 monetary years for the period finishing November 30th is given beneath; 2017 2016 2015 Earnings Before Interest and Tax(EBIT) [in £'000) - 3450 - 3001 - 3712 Net Profit (in £ '000) - 2777 - 1963 - 3243 Equity (in £ '000) 323 2043 3761 Debt (in £ '000) 3373 3275 4116 Interest paid (in £ '000) 343 395 266 Dividend paid (in £ '000) No Dividend Declared No Dividend Declared No Dividend Declared (Source: Access Intelligence, Annual Report, 2017, 2016 and 2015) It very well may be seen from the above table that the organization is exceptionally over turned with high measure of obligation capital when contrasted with value capital. It tends to be determined that the obligation value proportion of the Access Intelligence is 10.44 in 2017,1.60 in 2016 and 1.09 in 2015. In this manner, it very well may be fundamentally seen that the obligation to value proportion of the organization has expanded impressively throughout recent years. The obligation to value proportion is incredibly high for the monetary year finishing 2017. It is crucial for notice that such an elevated degree of obligation to value proportion will significantly expand the interest trouble on the organization which will basically lessen the benefit. The explanation is that obligation should be presented with fitting independent of the monetary presentation of the organization. In this manner, obligation should parcel should have been controlled in the whole capital construction of the organization so the organization need not serve revenue installment commitment from the well deserved income of the organization (Higgins, 2012). Taking into account the general capital construction, the obligation segment should have been decreased by selling various means like selling of a resources which are not bringing sufficient income to the organization. This would likewise assist with expanding the profit from value of the organization. From the further perception, it is clear that a high obligation to value proportion, the monetary exhibition of the organization has likewise decreased to a huge degree. The Earnings Before Interest and Tax is £-3712 out of 2015, £-3001 out of 2016 and £-3450 of every 2014 (all in '000) which mirrors the way that, this standing administration and PR programming supplier is continually bringing about misfortune in essential activity which will fundamentally get augment assuming expense and premium installment are thought about. Access Intelligence overall deficits augmented to has been £-3243 of every 2015 , £ - 1963 out of 2016, £ - 2777 in 2017(all in '000) after interest and duty installments . So it is profoundly clear that net benefit of the organization has been in line with the obligation to value proportion. The more the obligation part in the last 3 monetary years, the more the misfortune organization has brought about. It is especially seen that, the expense brought about in non repeating things are the primary justification behind colossal misfortune. The significant expense of innovative work cost ( £1595 in 2017 ,£ 1664 of every 2016 , £1922 in 2015) [ all in '000] engaged with the product improvement has likewise been a significant reason for misfortune for the organization in the last 3 monetary year. In this manner a significant measure of obligation has been taken for the innovative work in every one of the last 3 monetary years which expanded the obligation compo

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