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Patient Engagement

The readings for this week have made the case for the importance of patient engagement and population health management to delivering accountable care. Discuss three main components of population health as they relate to patient engagement: 1.) Data Management, 2) Care Management, and 3.) Analytics. Which do you think will be easily adapted by healthcare organizations as they work toward patient engagement and which will be more difficult? Explain and support your answer with evidence from our assigned readings or from other new information you have discovered. At least 400 words

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are available, consumers can easily switch from one good to another even if there is only a small change in price. If no substitutes are available, demand for a good is more likely to be inelastic. There are many substitutes for a particular car as there are not only many different manufacturers and brands, there is also the option of using public transport. This means that with respect to substitutes, the elasticity is higher. Proportions of the purchaser’s budget also plays a part in the demand in price of the elasticity. Products that consume a large portion of the purchaser’s budget tend to have greater elasticity. The relative high cost of such goods will cause consumers to pay attention to the purchase and seek substitutes. In contrast, demand will tend to be inelastic when a good represents only a negligible portion of the budget. Cars are a purchase which last a long period of time and so are called consumer durables. When a price of a product first changes, consumers are more responsive to price change and so the demand is elastic. However a consumers is less likely to buy another car until their car wears out and buying a car becomes a necessity, this makes the demand of cars price inelastic. The greater the requirement for a product or service leads to lower elasticity. Consumers will attempt to purchase essential products not considering of the price. Luxury products, tend to have larger elasticity. However, some goods that initially have a low degree of necessity are habit-forming and can become necessities to consumers. This again differs for different cars, luxury cars will have greater elasticity. The duration of the price also affect the elasticity of the product. Non-durable products , have greater elasticity over a long period of time. In a short period of time it can be difficult for customers to find substitutes to combat the price change, however over longer periods of time the customers are able to research into substitutes and change their behaviour. An example of this is a sudden increase in fuel , consumers may continue to pay the higher prices for fuel in the short term, however after seeing the impact of the cost, they may decide to find alternatives such as public transport, carpooling, or buying more fuel-efficient vehicles over a longer period of time. However, this tendency does not hold for consumer durables. The demand for durables tends to be less elastic, as it becomes ne

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