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Pedagogies for diversity

  1. Explain what the terms diversity and inclusion mean in Australian schools. (10 Marks)
  2. Describe the needs that students from ONE specific cultural group e.g (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander,
    students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, students who identify as LGBTIQ, students
    living in out-of-home care, students from remote and rural communities, students with disability, students with
    mental health needs; and gifted and talented students) could encounter in school. (10 Marks)
  3. (link to question 2) Outline One teaching strategy that would support these students that would also benefit
    other students in your class and explain the reasons for your choice. (10 Marks)
  4. Describe one physical OR one cognitive additional need that could be encountered in your future teaching.
    (set case examples may be provided). In your description, you would include challenges that may be
    experienced by the student give the diverse need (look at any disability). (10 marks)

Sample Solution

in order for them to learn more about the school community. The consists of providing group sessions for students and larger monthly group sessions for teachers and parents to learn more on how to help African American students succeed through hope. These are just three examples of how FDR is fulfilling its mission. Being that the agency is a school, its ultimate goal is the academic success of all of its students. In order to do this, the school has staff and programs implemented to support staff, families, and student. By minimizing the obstacles that a parent or child might face, the students are more empowered to succeed. Collaborative Practice Strong collaboration practice with outside agencies. These agencies come together to help address the issues going on within the community. Bin Chen presents in his article the idea of collaborative processes that include five process variables that affect interagency collaboration (2010). These five variables can be demonstrated in the collaboration of FDR and Trajectory of Hope as an example of collaborative practice conducted at this school. The process of joint decision making is essential because the two agencies plan and set goals towards what they hope to accomplish (Chen, 2010). Trajectory of Hope is working with FDR to address the issues of that African American students are facing. The process of joint operation is specifying the roles and responsibilities of each agency (Chen, 2010). A simple example of this is the role each agency does. Trajectory of Hope provides the lessons that a small group of students and parents and teachers will receive; FDR has had the task of reaching out to families for the program. FDR and Trajectory of Hope follow the process of sharing resources. Trajectory of Hope provides the program they implement, and FDR contribution includes providing Trajectory of Hope with a location for this service. Finally, the last two processes Chen mentions is the process of building trust and the process of compromising autonomy. Two agencies share a vision. In order to fulfill the vision, the two agencies must have a relationship built on trust and also have boundary settings. Even if two agencies share the same vision, if one agency is not contributing, then the other will less likely be willing to commit its time and resources (Chen, 2010). FDR demonstrates the capacity to work at multilevel collaboration. Collaboration among individuals in an agency is one of the first steps in collaborative relationships when it comes to community organizations and agencies (D’Agostino, 2013). D’Agostino further explains the significance of multilevel collaboration and the importance of contributions from all team members (2013). FDR has established relationships within the school but also has robust partnerships with outside agencies. Although Lawndale Elementary School District and Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary have great established collaborations, agencies at times still face challenges when it comes to collaboration. At time agencies can b

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