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Perception and Sensation

List the functions of the eyes, ears, and skin and their role in behavior
Discuss sensation and perception and their role in everyday life
Assignment Overview
This reaction and response assignment explores one perception topic.

A one-page (12-point font) paper

Step 1 Access the Hanover College Psychology Department website.
Hanover College Psychology Department

Step 2 Choose one of the perception topics from the Hanover College Psychology Department Website above and use the information to help you complete the assignment.

Step 3 Summarize what you learned about the eyes, ears, and skin and their role in behavior.
Include a one-page summary of the topic you chose from the Hanover College Psychology Department Website
Discuss sensation and perception and the role that it plays in everyday life
Include how understanding perception and sensation can be applicable in a clinical setting within your future professional field.

Sample Solution

revent premature or unnecessary admission to long-term residential care. Standard 8 The Promotion of Health and active life in older age The health and well-being of older people is promoted through a coordinated programme of action led by the National Health Service with support from councils (Department of Health, n.d.) Meeting the health needs of service users in the home requires me to have a better understanding on a wide range of methods and interventions with a systematic approach in the promotion of healthy lifestyle with our service users. Therapeutic/development activities are activities that have value and that service users can benefit as an individual which include reminiscence therapy, anxiety and relaxation management, and activities to promote self awareness and self esteem, remedial games, social skills training, communication groups which are helpful and relevant to service users. With this types of activity good communication skills and good understanding of the method is highly recommended. In doing so as part of my job role, I need to ensure that proper planning and assessment should be in place to make sure that it is suitable for the service users. To note that not all service user’s has the same capability. In order for me to do this, I need to ensure that I coordinate with relevant health care professionals to ensure that I am carrying out the activity properly. An example to which is physiotherapist, for us to be able to know until when are we going to deliver the activities which is applicable to our service users’ who are bed bound and people who remains in their chairs (with mobility difficulties), expert with learning disabilities, so that we can provide appropriate development and therapeutic activities. Seek guidance and support with service users that has communication difficulties and language needs and as well I need to communicate with the key people who can make difference to our service users’ health and well-being such as families, friends, carers or advocates. With the designed activities I need to encourage them to participate in the activities and explaining to them the benefit that they can get out of the activities. In carrying out the activities, I need to ensure that service users are safe from harm and danger by ensuring that all the equipments and materials are safe to use. I need to make sure as well that every activities that our service users’ are into it should be documented and recorded and must be put into their care plans. And lastly, if there are some modification or changes regarding the activities, it should be reviewed and ensure that proper re-assessment is in place. Regular health checks with our service users’ should be provided and accessible as part of their care package. This is very important for every service users to ensure that they are healthy and if not intervention can be made. Regular health checks in our home include regular appointment with their General Practitioners, physiotherapist, neurologist, speech and language therapists to name some. They are also given the opportunity to attend the annual h

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