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Performance lawn equipments case study excel

  1. What proportion of customers rate the company with “top box” survey responses (which is defined as scale levels 4 and 5) on quality, ease of use, price, and service in the Customer Survey worksheet? How do these proportions differ by geographic region?
  2. What estimates, with reasonable assurance, can PLE give customers for response times to customer service calls?
  3. Engineering has collected data on alternative process costs for building transmissions in the worksheet Transmission Costs. Can you determine whether one of the proposed processes is better than the current process?
  4. What would be a confidence interval for the proportion of failures of mower test performance as in the worksheet Mower Test?
  5. For the data in the worksheet Blade Weight, what is the sampling distribution of the mean, the overall mean, and the standard error of the mean? Is a normal distribution an appropriate assumption for the sampling distribution of the mean?
  6. How many blade weights must be measured to find a 95% confidence interval for the mean blade weight with a sampling error of at most 0.05? What if the sampling error is specified as 0.02?

Solve this from the Excel sheet I will give you And put all the answers in the excel file but on a blank page.! Also, explain how you got the answer. Yo can use chart histogram or whatever way to show the answer just make sure it makes sense looks clear

Sample Solution

Popular therapies included bloodletting, blistering, cold water immersion, sweating, purging, and leeching. All of these were thought to be appropriate therapy for fevers. Fundamental to the treatment of Yellow Fever was calomel (Mercurous chloride) given in sufficient doses to induce vomiting and diarrhea. In smaller dosages, this agent acted as a laxative. At higher doses, the patients experienced symptoms of acute mercurial toxicity, which includes salivation, diarrhea, vomiting, and eventually neurologic damage. Because the patients treated with calomel were instructed to take the drug until salivation occurred, they undoubtedly experienced toxicity from the drug. Quinine, prescribed to reduce fever, was an appropriate treatment of malaria, but had little therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of Yellow Fever. Needless to say, the American physicians’ success rate in treating patients with Yellow Fever was poor” (Thompson, O’Leary, 1996). Many members of the community came up with ways to prevent the mosquitoes from biting them. They urged citizens to screen windows to eliminate the threat of infection. They poured a layer of oil on cesspools and cisterns to kill mosquitoes and trapped those who were attracted to the decaying material. They suggested people to sleep under mosquito nets since mosquitoes are known to feast during dusk. Not complying with these rules resulted in a $25 fine, which equivalates to $680 in 2017 dollars, and 30 days in jail. “To be fair, not all sanitation and quarantine measures were total failures. Sanitation measures in fact helped remove some of the sewage issues in trade towns like New orleans and Memphis, which had provided excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes” (Runge, 2013). There were numerous suggestions of treatments options that filled medical literature on a daily basis, however no explanation was proved to be plausible (Carrigan, 1853). Each doctor had their own experiences and conclusions, and refused to accept conflicting theories made by other physicians. The first attempt to develop a vaccine for yellow fever was made by a Japanese bacteriologist. He successfully was able to isolate the disease and protect against it. He must have discovered out of luck because other scientists could not duplicate his vaccination and abandoned the theory. Years later, the bacterial strain was discovered by scientists at the Pasteur Institute. Unfortunately, the vaccination was known to cause neurologic complications and was only administered to willing patients. In 1937, hundreds of years after the first known outbreak of yellow fever, scientist Max Theiler was able to recreate the vaccination which was previously discovered. He noticed a mutation in the virus and was able to create a strain against it known as 17D. After years of trials, there was no severe complications as a resulting of becoming vaccinated. The 17D vaccine was globally disturbed and used efficiently.

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