Personal SWOT and Goal Exercise

Personal SWOT and Goal Exercise
Minimum total words (not counting the questions) = 750

1.    Perform a basic SWOT analysis on yourself and career.  List the most important 3-5 for each category. Use numbering or bullet points to list these.

(Focus on your own personal situation related to getting or advancing in a job, graduate school, or going into business – not about undergraduate school or graduation).

2.    Write ONE well-stated and clear career goal that you have for the first 12-24 months after you graduate.  (A well stated goal is specific, measurable, achievable, and has a deadline).

Do not make the goal about school or graduating from the university. Make it about your career and business.

3.    Why do you have this goal? How does achieving this goal help you get what you want in life?

4.    How will you know if you have achieved this goal or not?

5.    What are 2-3 different strategies you could follow to achieve this one goal? (different plans that could get you the same result) – use numbering or bullet points to list these strategies

6.    Pick one of the strategies, and list 3-5 clear action steps you can follow to make this particular plan happen – use numbering or  bullet points to list these action steps

For this exercise, focus on your career and business. However for your own personal use, you may wish to do this exercise on other areas of your life as well. It is good to periodically review where you are and what your goals are for all areas of your life (health, family, relationships, money, career, etc.)
The more specific you can be, the more helpful it is in helping you. For example, saying you want to get a “good job” is not very clear..does “good” mean high paying? Or in a certain field or in a certain city?  Or where you can learn or be around people you like?   “Good” is clear on what you really mean and really want.


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