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As a future nurse practitioner, you have the authority, based on your state nurse practice act, to prescribe medications for the patients for whom you will provide care, and the responsibility of prescriptive authority is more than just simply writing a prescription correctly.

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derway. The report by eMarketer (2017) suggests that retailers are already feeling the pressures of the amazon effect. It cites the rise of hybrid fulfillment models (such as buying online and collecting in-store) and increased investment in the web experiences of digital properties as evidence of the digital disruption spurred by Amazon (eMarketer, 2017). These initiatives by larger retailers should give pause to SMEs that choose not to adapt their operations. No one is immune to digital disruption, a point made by numerous pundits citing the closures of Blockbuster, Sears and Toys ‘R’ Us as reminders of that lesson. It is important to remember that behind the well oiled operations of Amazon globally is a commitment to the customer. This commitment has endeared them to Canadians making them the most trusted e-commerce retailer in Canada. In 2018, BrandSpark a market research firm announced that Amazon was ranked first by Canadians in thirteen retail categories. Robert Levy, President of BrandSpark explains that these results are an indicator of which retailers deliver “the most value and best experience to consumers” (Newswire, 2018, p 2). To succeed in categories dominated by Amazon, SMEs will need to embrace this commitment to the customer. Levy explains that retailers “need to stay top-of-mind as their customers move online, and deliver the online browsing experience, selection, value, and service required to be shoppers’ go-to destination in the category” (Newswire, 2018, p 6). The silver lining to Amazon’s success has been that it has left a simple example for SMEs to follow. SMEs should digitize their business operations and focus on the changing needs of customer. Solution The digitization of business operations for SMEs should begin with launching a website for their business. A website will enable SMEs to shift their products and services to a new channel to meet the needs of consumers. For SMEs with a website the adoption of e- commerce capabilities is key. This will enable SMEs to appeal to shoppers in Canada and in new markets that prefer to shop online. Of equal importance is the web design of existing websites. A continued commitment to improving the designs and e-commerce capabilities of websites will allow SMEs to mitigate future disruptions that stem from the growth of e- commerce and changing consumer behaviours. Outline

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