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Pharmacy industry internship

interest in pharmacy industry, literature evidence research skills, oral and written communication skills, academic and leadership achievements


Why are you interested in an industry rotation and what do you expect to gain from this experience?

Provide an example of how you have demonstrated leadership.

Describe an innovative idea or project which you completed.

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couldn't find buyers at $26. Blue Ridge [once at $100] plunged to $3 and still no buyers. On the floor, they had never seen anything like it." Wealthy men like William Durant, the founder of General Motors, lost everything - his only assets were his clothes. After Black Thursday, October 24th, ordinary investors, "the tailors, the grocers, the secretaries -- stared at the moving ticker in numb silence," as "hope of an easy retirement, the new home, their children's education," vanished with the falling market. Although the stock market crash may not have caused the Great Depression, it certainly contributed to a severe dip in consumer confidence. Christina Romer wrote that "the stock market crash reduced American aggregate demand substantially" because "consumer purchases of durable goods and business investment fell sharply after the crash" (Romer 3). Romer goes on to say that "although the loss of wealth caused by the decline in stock prices was relatively small, the crash may also have depressed spending by making people feel poorer" (Romer 3). The speculative party had come to an end. Despite the stock market's popularity, it was not the only form of speculative excess that was in vogue during the 1920s. Speculators also chased high returns in the housing market. John Kenneth Galbraith elaborated on housing speculation in Florida. Relatively undeveloped at the time, Florida seemed like a gold mine for housing speculators. During this period, people thought that "the time indeed was coming when the annual flight to the South would be as regular and impressive as the migrations of the Canada Goose" (Galbraith 3). Despite Florida's temperamental climate, people "wanted to believe that the whole peninsula would soon be populated by the holiday-makers and the sun-worshippers of a new and remarkably indolent era. So great would be the crush that beaches, bogs, swamps, and common scrubland would all have value" (Galbraith 3-4). But those who ended up buying the land were not homeowners, but other speculators, who hoped to turn around and sell it for a profit. Galbraith notes that "much of the unlovely terrain that thus changed hands was as repugnant to the people who bought it as to the passer-by" (Galbraith 4). The buyers did not expect to live on the land itself, because after all, "this dubious asset was gaining in value by the day and could be sold at a handsome profit in a fortnight" (Galbraith 4). The speculators used clever marketing schemes to lure in buyers. The land was divided into building lots, which were increasingly further away from cities. In one example, a developer sold land "near Jacksonville" when the subdivision was really sixty-five miles west of the city (Galbraith 4). In some cases, lots were billed as close to prosperous and fast-growing cities, but these cities actually did not exist (Galbraith 5). Even professional orators like William Jennings Bryan were brought in to hawk the benefits of Florida real estate (Galbraith 5). But the Florida housing bubble soon burst. The arrival of a tropical storm in 1926 which "killed four hundred people, tore the roofs from thousands of houses and piled tons of water and a number of elegant yachts into the streets of Miami" (Galbraith 6) dashed the hopes and fortunes of speculators in the Sunshine State. The Florida speculators became the laughingstock of America

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