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Research the 7 companies’ required components such as sales and EBITDA in the GIVEN YEARS and fill out the table. Make sure to provide the links to prove how you found the numerical values of the companies. Make the necessary calculations in the right three columns. If you find out some values provided in the graph different, you can change them but make sure to provide source links for every numerical value you write clearly.

Stripe Inc.
Pine Labs Private Limited
GOPAY s.r.o
Iyzico Teknoloji Odeme
Wibmo Inc.
CSG Forte Payment, Inc.
Moka Odeme Kurulusu A.S.

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Another way that these gender stereotypes are reconstructed are during drug robberies. In the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography article Damn, Yo-Who’s That Girl: An Ethnographic Analysis of Masculinity in Drug Robberies, Dr. Randol Contreras (2008) examines the role of women in the commission of drug robberies. The standard practice is for women to use their sexuality to lure drug dealers into a trap. Usually they get them secluded and then the men ambush and rob them. The women are not given an honest cut, and are not viewed as equals with the men. The robbers know that the drug dealer will fall for the bait because he has to prove he is a real “man” by attempting to sleep with the girl. This shows that drug robbers know the stereotypes, take advantage of them, and yet internalize them, all at once. They don’t see the girls as equals, they don’t think they are smart enough to earn a real cut. It is also just as imperative to the notion of understanding the complexities of crime to look at the various factors involved in a person’s social identity. Intersectionality examines crime while taking into account gender, class, and race. It takes into account the various power structures that a person has to deal with, and the combination of these factors gives their “social location”. African American females will face different challenges than African American males or Hispanic females. Wealth will change how someone has to interact with the world around them. These are inescapable facts that must be taken into account when studying crime.

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