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Policy advocacy presentation

Based on the interview with a Registered Nurse Leader, provide an overview of a policy challenge (present or past) that the identified organization or individual supports. The policy challenge can be a local, state or federal policy issue. Create a title slide or page. Include a final slide or page with key references cited in APA 6th ed. format.

The topic identified by the nurse leader is nurse practitioners not having full practice authority in California. This impacts the access to healthcare. Therefore the agenda is to help push this forward (which is already happening in California).

The power-point needs to include: Description of the policy challenge chosen and the nursing association that was identified through the interview process. The policy challenge is an inherent problem that needs to be solved

Described the agenda for the identified policy challenge. Include how the policy issue was identified. Did the organization or individual complete a review of the literature and environmental scan and/or a SWOT analysis. 4 Slides total, need to include speaker notes, and references.

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“the victim was a respectable white virgin who was violently attacked by a stranger who was either psychologically disturbed or a black man. Any other sexual encounter, whether it was coerced or exploitative, was not considered to be assault.” Astonishingly this definition was still employed in the 1970’s ( “One of the ground breaking texts to come from this period of nascent momentum in the anti-¬‐rape movement is Susan Brownmiller’s “Against Our Will”. In Brownmiller’s view “if a woman chooses not to have intercourse with a specific man and the man chooses to proceed against her will, that is a criminal act of rape. This clear -¬‐ cut definition established a widely applicable standard for sexual assault.”( Turning to more contemporary times, it is estimated that more than one third of working woman (some surveys report a figure as high as 50%) have experienced sexual harassment in the work place in various forms and to varying degrees. “More than a quarter were subjected to suggestive remarks or jokes of a sexual nature (27%), while a similar number (25%) were forced to endure unwanted comments about their appearance. Unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature was experienced by 17%, while 14% endured unwanted and inappropriate touching, hugging or kissing.” ( This raises a number of relevant questions that need to be appropriately tackl

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