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Poor engagement


Currently, CapraTek is experiencing what senior leaders in the organization consider poor engagement. In some cases, supervisors and managers are disconnected from their subordinates. Some leaders are being seen as insensitive to their direct reports’ professional needs and desires. Based on information gathered, gossip, and actual formal complaints, many employees say they don’t see their first line supervisors as invested in their futures, so they only focus on getting work done.
Among the many supervisors at CapraTek is Karla, whose employees and others have recently approached the HR department about the lack of connection, recognition, and professional development offered from first line supervisors to employees. Karla has a history as a good supervisor; she’s quite shy and reserved and supports her employees, but she is not really engaged with them and spends way too much time in her office. She avoids making contact with her direct reports and has not nominated any of them for recognition in four years, something that every other leader in the organization does. These types of complaints have been repeated by the employees of two other supervisors in CapraTek.
Alley is an HR Pro at CapraTek, responsible for the organization that Karla and her employees are part of, and she is about to attend a meeting with senior leaders. The senior leaders have been doing a lot of chatting among themselves about employee engagement. Alley wants to be ready to ask the questions she knows are coming, and she wants to have a plan of action to present to senior leaders if they ask what strategy she is planning to use to address the employee engagement challenge. The HR Pros are now in a situation where they will need to collect information from employees about their attitudes and opinions on their supervisors, managers, and the leadership overall. Exactly how this will be accomplished is a major component of this assessment.

As an HR professional at CapraTek, you have been tasked with putting together an internal memo that briefly describes the employee engagement issues that have been observed and options that the leadership team could consider to address the engagement issues in advance of a meeting with the organization’s leadership team.

Sample Solution

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