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Population pertinent to social and behavioral aspects to public health

Select a topic and population pertinent to social and behavioral aspects to public health nationally or internationally. Explain and incorporate health behavior model(s) and/or theory/theories to develop a program that addresses the public health issue. Include recommendations for policy changes, if applicable.

Sample Solution

A mighty tree with tangled branches, sturdy roots, begins its life as humans do. A tiny seed, full of promise, bursts forth, becomes a vibrant being, living, growing, feeling, and breathing, until it slowly withers and dies. Trees represent age, time, life, and death. They are symbolic of nature and its beauty, of the world and its cycles, of change. Yggdrasil, the World Tree; in Genesis, the Tree of Life; the olive tree, a sign of peace; the Liberty Tree, a sign of freedom; the tree Assattha, of Buddha's enlightenment; the Tree of Jesse, which became the cross of Jesus-all manifestations of trees' many meanings. In Toni Morrison's Beloved, trees primarily symbolize life and family, especially in relation to the characters of Paul D, Sethe, and Sethe's children. The interaction of these characters originates in slavery on a farm called Sweet Home, but an attempted escape forces Paul D back into chains, this time in Alfred, Georgia. There grows in Alfred "an aspen too young to call a sapling" (260), which is not "old, wide, and beck-oning" (260) like the Sweet Home tree called Brother, but rather seems "the kind of thing a man would cut to whip his horse" (260). Brother, as its name suggests, represents a kinder element of Paul D's past: the family he leaves behind. With its roots firmly established in Sweet Home soil, Brother has spread its branches wide, reflecting the diaspora of Paul D's Sweet Home family. Paul D has fallen far from this tree, however, and the sapling in Alfred, though it retains the potential for brutality and pain, symbolizes the beginning of his new life alone. Upon his eventual escape from Alfred, he learns from a Cherokee that "the tree flowers" (132) will lead him to freedom in the North, and he "follows in their wake, a dark ragged figure guided by the blossoming plums" (133). Appearing with the onset of spring, these flowering trees symbolize the blossoming of a new chapter in Paul D's life after Sweet Home; they represent the end of his en-slavement. Though he leaves slavery in the winter behind him, its shadow lingers in his mind, a dark past that follows him on his path to freedom. By the time he reaches Sethe in the North, however, he has locked away in his heart the tribulations of his past. As Paul D is enslaved in Alfred, Sethe, who is with child, escapes Sweet Home only after being raped and beaten, her blood-streaked back a tangled mass of lash marks and shredded skin. To Amy, the girl who helps deliver the baby Denver, Sethe's wounds resemble a "choke-cherry tree . . . . red and split wide open, full of sap" (93) with "a mighty lot of branches" (93) and "tiny little cherry blossoms" (93), all carved sadistically into her flesh. This tree, wrought from Sethe's flesh and blood, represents all that slavery has allowed her: her family. Its blossoms, spread wide among the branches, are her children, far from their roots and their mother. The tree is split and bloody, Sethe's family scattered and torn, yet both are in bloom; her children are her future, symbols of her new beginning. But just as a chokecherry tree bears bitter fruit, Sethe's children eventually come to resent her. Many years after her escape, as Paul D examines this tree for the first time and "learn[s] . . . her sorrow, the roots of it; its wide trunk and intricate branche

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