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Potential strengths of a Service plan

A. Provide an introduction to your service idea that includes the following:

  1. Describe your service idea and the purpose of the service.
  2. Explain why the service will be important to the population it will serve.
    B. Provide a market analysis that includes the following factors:
    • the target population
    • potential referral bases
    • potential competitors for the planned service
    C. Using an interprofessional approach, analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
    (SWOT) to the service.
    • four internal factors that are potential strengths of the service idea
    • four internal factors that are potential weaknesses of the service idea
    • four external factors that are potential opportunities for the service idea
    • four external factors that are potential threats to the service idea
  3. Discuss how the results of this SWOT analysis could be used to maximize opportunities and minimize
    D. Perform a cost-benefit analysis of the service idea that identifies three costs and three benefits for each of
    the following areas:
    • the organization
    • operations
    • the client/patient
    • the staff
    • technology
    E. Complete a risk assessment that describes five risks that may adversely affect the success of the service
  4. Discuss the overall results of the risk assessment and strategies that could be used to minimize each of the
    five identified risks.
    F. Analyze the financial projections of the service plan. Include the following in your analysis:
    • A discussion of the revenue projections for the first year
    • An explanation of the methods that will be used to generate revenue for the service
  5. Discuss the financial payers for the service.
    a. Graph how you predict the service will grow

Sample Solution

The advantages of pH-sensitive nanoparticles over other nanoparticles include: (a) the majority of carriers have been used as enteric-coating materials for a long time, and their safety has been approved. (b) The carriers show rapid drug release and then high drug concentration gradient as they undergo quick dissolving at definite pH and definite sites. The phenomenon is beneficial for the drug absorption. (c) They improve drug absorption comparing to the other conventional nanoparticles as they turn from the solid state to the hydrogel state at certain dissolution pH and so, the bioadhesion of the carrier to the mucosa becomes greater at specific fragment. (d) The drug stability can be enhanced more effectively using pH sensitive nanoparticles. Different materials can be used for preparation of pH-sensitive nanoparticles: a- pH-sensitive nanoparticles prepared from polyanions: Such as Eudragits and HPMC phthalate. b- pH-sensitive nanoparticles prepared from publications: Chitosan is the main cationic polymer used to prepare pH-sensitive nanoparticles. It is the second most plentiful polymer in nature after cellulose. c- pH-sensitive nanoparticles prepared from the mixture of polyanions and polycations: Some techniques have been improved using the advantages of both polyanions and polycations [97,108, 113-116]. Most of the nanoparticle systems related consist of the positive-charged chitosan and a negative-charged polymer, such as Eudragit [97, 115, 117], poly (g-glutamic acid) [113, 114, 116]

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