Power Tools

Power Tools

“Power tools is a good topic, but the thesis is an opinion. Essay 2 must only focus on information. Consider focusing on, for instance, describing just one kind of power tool.”

Please make the necessary changes for the following assignment below. I will attach the original essay the last writer did along with my personal experience with power tools which is why I chose this topic. Below is the instructions for this assignment.

In Week 2’s Forum 2B, you chose a topic for Essay #2, Writing to Inform. As you know, you will need to find and use cited references for this essay. In Week 3’s forum, you created a one-sentence thesis statement to use with this essay.

It is now time to work on your First Draft of the essay! When you write in a college class, the most effective way to create a formal essay isn’t to sit down on the computer and type until you get exhausted. Effective writers will create a draft, and then revise that First Draft more than once until they have a final copy to submit for grading.

Please note that your work on this forum should not be a “rough” draft: your First Draft should show signs of organization and your thinking.

For Week 4’s Forum, please complete the following in your post:

1. Write your topic, from Week 2.
2. Write your thesis statement that you used in Week 3.
3. Now, please post at least 250 words about your topic that you expect to use in your essay. This is your First Draft, and it should have some organization and some thought behind it.
Include one reference in proper MLA format that you have found from the APUS Library to support your topic.

1. http://www.apus.edu/Online-Library/articles/index.htm
2. http://www.apus.edu/Online-Library/open-web-resources/index.htm


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