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Prepare a Community Prevention or Promotion Proposal

For your Signature Assignment, present your proposal for a prevention or promotion program that could be implemented in your selected community. The proposal should include the following:
• Identify the problem or issue facing a community, along with the specific population your proposal is addressing.
• Provide a comprehensive background of the history of the program. Think of not only academic research but your findings on reputable social media sites and from your observations in your community.
• Explain how a sense of community might prevent this problem or promote a solution. Refer to your Week 4 assignment.
• Explain the role of diversity in this issue and provide specific examples. Refer to your Week 4 assignment. Think of ways to engage your intended audience. Think through any biases you may have that might interfere with your ability to remain objective in approaching your community. It is important that community members perceive you as open to their ideas, so they will be equally open to considering issues as objectively as possible.
• Describe the program you are proposing to be implemented.
• Incorporate the four-step evaluation model you examined in Week 7. Also be sure to incorporate the empowerment evaluation principles you addressed previously.
• Explain how the relevant approaches to community and social change that would support the proposed program’s success are applied. Provide specific examples.
Support your proposal with at least seven peer-reviewed articles published in the past 5 years. You may use articles that you have referenced previously during this course. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.

Sample Solution

adequate, Peter Singer wrote in the New York times about the Coronavirus pandemic "I think the suspicion… that we should do all that to decrease the quantity of passings, isn't exactly the right supposition. Since eventually we will compromise death toll against loss of personal satisfaction… And we can't actually keep everything secured until there won't be additional passings." By apply a utilitarian methodology Singer was upholding that to ultimately benefit most of individuals and the benefit of the economy there will come while delivering lockdown and the economy to bring about some benefit for individuals will offset the likely harm to society from passings and the economy from those grouped most in danger (Buck, 2020). B) Consequentialist approach The consequentialist approach is like the utilitarian methodology however varies in the manner it doesn't utilize a people or associations moral goals, it rather takes a gander at an issue on what might be the outcomes of the activity, for instance assuming that an individual planned to pass on assuming that they came clean as it was ethically right to come clean, and the result of lying implied they would live, would it not be smarter to lie and the individual live. A consequentialist would agree that it is smarter to lie and save a daily existence. Be that as it may, the consequentialist view can be difficult to measure as there are times when the results of an activity will most likely be unable to be determined quite a bit early nobody can anticipate the future unhesitatingly. For specific circumstances, consequentialism can prompt decisions that are unsuitable, despite the fact that the outcomes are maybe great. A model would be assuming business analysts concluded that oppressing a little level of individuals would work on the wellbeing, abundance, and lives of every other person, in spite of the fact that it would be ethically horrible and irreprehensible, the consequentialist view would be the means supported the closures (McCombs, 2018). C) Virtue approach The goodness approach depends on the individual instead of activity, consequently it is more an individual focused approach as it takes a gander at the righteousness or moral trustworthiness of the individual completing the activity, as opposed to at moral commitments and rules, or the results of that specific activity. Goodness not just arrangements with what is considered to be right or amiss with the

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