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You are the pediatric nurse practitioner seeing a 4 month old infant, Jane Doe (DOB 5/1/20) for a well child visit. The infant weight 5.9kg. The infant is exclusively breast fed. Write prescriptions for Vitamin D and Iron supplement.
First, watch this video about key information needed in a prescription. He is a little long winded so it is a 10 minute video.
Video source:
Next, refer to your drug references (Pediatric & Neonatal Dosage Handbook or IBM Micromedex Pediatrics App) to review dosing recommendations.

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conversations and discussions of reintegration through internal shaming and the risks of public shaming to protect vulnerable offenders like juveniles from losing opportunities in the future, as well as implications for life course trajectory (Braithwaite & Drahos, 2002; Denver et al., 2017; Kroska et al., 2016). These discussions led to advances in developmental criminology, and to policy efforts aimed at improving opportunities for offenders and reducing recidivism (Denver et al., 2017). Contributions ​​Criminology. With the recently renewed interest in labeling theory, there have been some notable contributions to criminology. In regards to theoretical contributions, labeling theory focuses on sociological aspects of delinquency, rather than the pathological and individual aspects that many other theories focus on. It attempts to explain the creation of delinquent careers and why some adolescents continue to lead deviant lives while others can turn their live around. It separates delinquent acts from delinquent careers, recognizing that just because an individual commits one delinquent act does not mean he will go on to become a career criminal. Taking this fact into account, this theory also recognizes that delinquent acts and delinquent careers should be treated differently, since they are in fact different entities. One of the key contributions of labeling theory to criminology is its consideration of the causes of criminal behavior. With labeling theory, a person who commits a crime or delinquent offense is labeled by peers, communities, and by those in the criminal justice system. This label leads to stigmatization that can have a profound impact on future criminality (Braithwaite & Drahos, 2002; Restivo & Lanier, 2015). Labeling is a process that begins with “status degradation ceremonies,” which involve publicly lowering a person’s social status/identity within his/her own social group, thus labeling that person as an “outsider” (Garfinkel, 1956, p. 420).

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