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Scenario from Assignment 1- ( will provide )

Imagine that you just created a new start-up company. You want to compete in the growing industry of drone navigation systems. VectorCal is the only major company in the field. You also want to be a leaner, faster version of a company that you view as being too slow and costly. Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you answer the following questions:
Analyze your company’s cost classification for pricing of the navigation system. Defend your cost classification to the U.S. government.
Determine reasonable, allowable, allocable, variable, fixed, and semi-variable costs for your company after the initial start-up phase is complete.
Predict the method for performing price analysis that the U.S. government will want from your new company and VectorCal. Justify the response.

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may be clear but not the understanding of the reader. However, by association the reader can apply the wavy line to what they interpret it as, either ideographically or pictographically. In this way the information will sometimes be perceived differently. In comparison, the biohazard symbol wouldn’t be understood without learning from the author, the true meaning would be hidden. We know that a text does not consist of a line of words, releasing a single “theological” meaning (the “message” of the Author-God), but is a space of many dimensions, in which are wedded and contested various kinds of writing, no one of which is original: the text is a tissue of citations, resulting from the thousand sources of culture. (Barthes.R) The reader knows a sentence does not have one meaning, that it has many angles of input from different sources (Barthes.R). Culture is the major influence of visual language, an author combines what they know to write, both consciously and subconsciously, from their experience. Esperanto was an attempt at a universal language based in writing. The creator, Zamenhof, developed the language with the influence of the Romantic languages. (Citation) Esperanto still needed to be learned and so wasn’t universal, but considered the relationship and variations between existing languages to make it easier to learn and understand. Would designing a language from existing languages work better than designing one through commonality found within all humans? The differences could be too great between languages, and a textual language can be spoken and needs the knowledge of the sounds. A pictorial language is relying on how it is read, symbols representing things both literally and abstractly. Symbols can be understood more effectively with cultural associations, but in order for a universal language to function, these associations need to be everyones. However, the reader cannot rely on set information by the author, symbols need to be interpretative to allow for different cultures and change in society. For a symbol to be understood universally, it would need to hold associations for everyone through interpretation but allow for a cultural influence to change or alter the meaning and for it to still function. In the case of Isotype in Nigeria (N

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