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Private Industry and Self-Regulation

News stories and public pressure drive government regulations. They also drive many industries to more self-regulation. The hope is to demonstrate to the government and the public that these industries are aware of the problem and are taking action. An industry prefers to self-regulate for two key reasons: Cost and flexibility. There’s a perception that regulations increase cost because they can be restrictive and require lots of compliance evidence to be collected. Additionally, regulations can require specific solutions to a problem. Retaining the flexibility to select from an array of solutions and apply new technology is one reason given to avoid regulations. The counterargument is that, without laws, industries won’t fully address problems.

Answer the following question(s):

In general, do you believe private industry should be more heavily regulated or less regulated? Provide rationale for your answer.

Address the same question in regard to consumer privacy on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Sample Solution

CINE: The nature of exercise training an individual patient needs is based on their own physiological condition. Exercise is very important for healthy people and for COPD patients as it’s a critical element of the pulmonary rehabilitation programme and exercising regularly improves quality of life and general health. The PR programme trains one to breathe more effectively , start at what capable of At present, pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is recommended by the present Global Obstructive Lung Disease document (GOLD) to help improve dyspnoea, functional capacity, and quality of life of COPD sufferers (Garvey et al., 2016). Medical professionals in this field who are establishing current guidelines for different exercises included in the PR programme may struggle with the variable degrees of severity amongst patients and the diversity of their symptoms also. As a result of this, pulmonary rehabilitation programmes vary worldwide and a PR programme should be developed to accommodate each individual patient. Below are tables based on three different exercise proposals and how they are carried out clinically from four principal qualifies associations ; 1) The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), The American Thoracic Society (ATS), The European Respiratory Society (ERS) and The American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR). Instruction from the ACSM involve respiratory function tests and recordings to be carried out on COPD sufferers prior to initiation of PR programme such as the fraction of oxygen saturated haemoglobin in the arteries relative to the total haemoglobin by arterial blood gas tests and tracking dyspnea usuing the Borg CR10 Scale that measures physical activity intensity levels (Borg, 1982). In some cases where patients have lost a lot of lung function due to severe COPD modified exercises are established to cater for individual patients with varying levels of lung function. Aeroblic Exercise Skeletal muscle dysfunction is influenced by skeletal muscle strength and endurance function and structure (fiber size, fiber type distribution, capillary density, and metabolic capacity) (Zeng et al., 2018). A prolonged lack of exercise promotes a decrease in physical activity in COPD sufferers. The activity of these muscles rely greatly on th

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