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Procedure Coding

Procedure codes are a very important part of medical billing. They are used to describe the level of service provided to the patient. The level of service must agree with the diagnostic code that was discussed in the prior videos. Payers link the two together to determine if they agree before proceeding with payment decisions. A lack of connection between the diagnostic code and the procedure code will result in a denial of payment or a slowdown in payment. Both are bad for a practices cashflow. Watch this video before completing your discussion.

Procedure codes are found in the “Current Procedural Terminology” [CPT] manual publish annually by the American Medical Association.

Apply basic procedure coding methods.

Include the following aspects in the discussion:

List 3 important topics you learned about the methods of Procedure Coding.

Find a secondary source that discusses this topic and share with peer

Discuss how you will address a denial of payment due to improper diagnostic and procedure coding

Sample Solution

I believe the topic I selected to research is one that is constantly present and necessary in the lives of my students. Children’s literature is a reflection of the culture from which it comes and as a society with many family dynamics, students deserve to be reflected and represented (Gritter, 2017). While not all students will be in a single parent household, it helps them to understand and potentially support their peers who may be in that situation. Discussions and access to diverse literature are important when building a positive classroom community and when teaching students to respect and appreciate the differences of people inside and outside their classroom (Van Horn, 2015). Reading can be such an outlet and escape for so many students and having literature accessible to them that they feel related and connected to only fosters that relationship with books. Students connect to books which have similar characters and issues to them in their life and providing books that reflect their own issues lead to vivacious and eager readers (Serafini & Moses, 2014). Sometimes authors write from their own experiences, books they wish had been available for them when they were in their youth, which leads to accurate and positively represented characters and situations, such as Roald Dahl who wrote about the life, he wished he’d had at school as a child. Students end up in single or uncommon parent/guardian situations for a variety of reasons, but this does not mean that there should not be literature available to them to help them understand and be more comfortable with what is happening to them in their lives. It is not one story that exists when discussing single parents. Most people think immediately of single mothers, but there is a growing number of single fathers, about 22% of single parent families are single fathers (Census, 2016), single parents through adoption and grandparents who are parents to their grandchildren. All families are valued, and literature needs to be available in the classroom which shows more than just a single story.

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