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Production reports are used in process costing environments to track and accumulate information

Production reports are used in process costing environments to track and accumulate information on total units, equivalent units, and costs by departments rather than by individual products. How could the production reports in process costing also be used for controlling or improving operations?

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other potential reason for a decrease in demand for literary fiction is a cultural shift in our consumption of narratives. In his article for The Atlantic, ‘‘The Psychological Comforts of Storytelling’, Cody Delistraty highlights the inherent psychological attachment that psychologists believe human beings naturally have to stories: ‘Humans are inclined to see narratives where there are none because it can afford meaning to our lives’, he argues, they can be a way ‘for humans to feel they have control over the world’, and stories ‘inform our emotional lives’, helping us to gain empathy and conscience (Delistraty, 2014). One of the reasons that experts offer for the decline in the influence of the novel, then, is that the Western culture’s desire for a narrative is increasingly being fulfilled through non-fictional or semi-fictional media. This includes the rise of what is referred to by sociologists as ‘infotainment’, a hybrid of informational and entertainment-led narratives often exemplified in social media, newspapers and magazines, and television programmes like America’s ‘The Daily Show’ which report and comment on the news or give semi-fictional interviews in a comedic or satirical manner. As Rachel Donadio argues in her August 2005 article for ‘The New York Times’: ‘The Truth is Stronger than Fiction’, this means that ‘the line between truth and “truth” is growing ever more blurry, readers thirst for a narrative’…’and will turn to the most compelling one’. Similarly, because of the quick, constantly- updating nature of modern news reporting and social media, it is becoming impossible for novels, which can take years to write, edit and publish, to be as topical and therefore as ‘compelling’ as informational or ‘infotaining’ narratives that become available in seconds. The growth of social media as a source of not only personal news narratives, but also as a vessel for learning, sharing and commenting on public news stories within seconds of their occurrence, is an especially modern example of non-fiction narratives engaging and fulfilling in the ways that Delistraty describes fictional ones doing.

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