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Project Management


The premise of the project is closely related to the aspect of the course material but may
explore an avenue, specifically in Excel, that was not discussed in class. You are free to use
internet resources to strengthen your Excel skill and apply it to tackle your project.

• A typed report addressing the questions of the project. No handwritten report is

• Excel file displaying your work. Use multiple sheets of one Excel _le for multiple
tasks rather than using multiple Excel _les.

1.1 Data
Data is available for this project on the course website in Canvas with the title Sepsis Data
MIMIC Phase 2. This is a real-world healthcare data extracted from Medical Information
Mart for Intensive Care III (MIMIC III). MIMIC is a relational database containing tables of
data relating to patients who stayed within the intensive care units at Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center.

The data set for this project includes patients who had the diagnosis of sepsis. Your instructor
had already cleaned the data and prepared it for the statistical analysis. The data includes
1,072 observations. This dataset has less data points than the Phase 1 of the project (1132).
The definition of each column in the data is explained as follows:

SUBJECT ID Patient Identification number

HADM ID Admission number of the patient. (Remember a patient can have multiple hospital admissions)

ADMITTIME Admission time. Because of the privacy reasons, the admission and discharge time has been shifted to a specific value.
DISCHTIME Discharge time

ADMISSION TYPE Types of hospital admission (URGENT or EMERGENCY)

DISCHARGE LOCATION Provides information about the location where the patient is discharged

MARITAL STATUS Marital status of the patient

GENDER Gender of the patient (M:Male, F:Female)

LENGTH OF HOSPITAL STAY DAYS Number of days a patient stays in the hospital

HOSPITAL EXPIRE FLAG Outcome of the hospital stay. Whether a patient is discharged as expired or non-expired. Expired and non-expired outcomes are encoded as 1 and 0, respectively

AGE Patient’s age

HEART_RATE Heart rate

RESPIRATORY RATE Respiratory rate

GCS SCORE Glasgow Coma Scale score (it is related to nervous system)

BLOOD PRESSURE Blood pressure


1.2 Objective

The objective of this part of the project is that a student will advance his/her learning
in developing statistical models using Excel. Specifically, students will enrich their course
learnings in the following two areas:

  1. Hypothesis testing
  2. Linear regression


1.3 Problem Statements
Your report should address the following problem statements, and must contain all the
tables, graphs and numeric measures you derive from Excel. Your report must include all
the results for the grading. And please do not forget to add correct labels in X and Y-axes
of your plots.

  1. (10 points) As a hospital quality manager, you are interested in investigating if patients
    with expired outcomes have the same average length of stay as patients with non-
    expired outcomes. For this, you decided to perform hypothesis testing using cuto_
    (or critical) value approach. In your excel _le, show all four steps clearly in one sheet.
    In your report, write hypothesis formulation, t-statistic, rejection regions and your
    conclusion. DO NOT use the hypothesis testing feature of the Data Analysis tool.
    Perform all the calculations in Excel.
  2. (5 points) Write a linear regression equation to derive the length of stay using the
    following measurements:
    • Age
    • Heart rate
    • Respiratory rate
    • Glasgow Coma Scale score
    • Blood pressure
    • Creatinine
    Use B1; B2; B3; B4; B5 and B6 as regression coefficients. We compute value of these coefficients later.
  3. (5 points) Using Data Analysis tool, compute the coefficients associated with each
    explanatory variable. In your report, create a table and list coefficients of all the
    explanatory variables along with their p-values.
  4. (4 points) Refer p-values to determine which of the explanatory variables are NOT
    significantly important?
  5. (4 points) Write down the linear regression incorporating estimated coefficients.
    While writing the linear regression equation, use only significantly important explanatory variables and ignore others.
  6. (4 points) Explain the interpretation of each coefficients that are significantly important.
  7. (5 points) A 64-year patient gets admitted to the ICU in the hospital with Glasgow
    Coma Scale score of 6 and blood pressure of 63, what is the predicted length of the
    stay of the patient?
  8. (6 points) There is a common belief among physicians that the length of stay increases
    by 0.5 days with every 1 mmHg increase in blood pressure. Investigate this claim using
    hypothesis testing.
  9. (3 points) Report the Goodness of Fit measure. What do you think about the model? Is it a good model or poor?
  10. (4 points) Clarity of your report.

Sample Solution

Global BUSINESS Amid the later 50% of the twentieth century U.S economy was the most dominant economy on the planet, they set the tenets for rest of the world. They built up global partnerships everywhere throughout the world which was to be sure the core of world economy. (Davis, 2009). At the point when the U.S economy was rising, the various nations economy were additionally developing, in the meantime when their economy went down it influenced practically the various bringing in and trading nations on the planet as a result of the ongoing emergencies which was named as "Worldwide FINANCIAL CRISIS". This was intended to be the greatest emergencies after "THE GREAT DEPRESSION 1930" (Cambridge Journal of Economics, 2009). The emergencies have officially recorded loss of over $150 billion and vast number of banking foundations have defaulted on some loans or being sold.(Kregel, 2008) One among the banks sought financial protection was Lehman Brothers, which was Fourth biggest venture bank in U.S. (BBC, 2009). In this manner it is critical to recognize reasons for current monetary emergencies and goals measures. Besides, UK government should make compelling strides so as to decrease risk of further emergencies (Turner, 2009) Amid later piece of the nineteenth century that is 1973 Daniel ringer distributed a book titled "THE COMING OF POST INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY". The book was tied in with guaging to discover the adjustments in economy and society in joined state. A standout amongst the most obvious changes as indicated by him was the work constrain moving from assembling and horticulture to support based industry which he named as "POST-INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY". The creator was directly in his forecast since today just 10% of the all out work drive is utilized in agribusiness and assembling industry. Between the period December 2000 and May 2009 US lost more than 5.25 million workers in assembling division. There were numerous issues in strong merchandise industry, especially in automobile producing industry. At least two organizations in that segment defaulted on some loans which expressed that there was part progressively awful news to come. Similarly, fabricating employments were enduring on a normal of 8 years contrasted with a normal of 3 years in administration industry. The move was driven by Wal-Mart. The firm utilized about 1.4 million representatives in 2009 which was more than that of 20 biggest American assembling organizations together. This made changes happen in benefits financing and individuals began putting resources into shared assets. This occurred through change in benefits monetary that took over little add up to common reserve from substantial measure of venture investment funds. This made weight for significant yields and furthermore removes the alternative of remaining with a solitary firm. This empowered development of institutional financial specialists. Colossal measure of versatile benefits reserves were overseen by banks, common assets and protection firms. About 1000 enterprise shares were possessed by institutional speculators in 2005, with common reserve taking limit of 10% or more in several companies. For makers the primary spotlight was on offer esteem which spread OME show (Original hardware producer) which implies the generation is out sourced to other outside associations. Other than makers, capacities, for example, HR and IT and so forth were additionally re-appropriated. This gradually rolled out intense improvements in conventional company where it ended up void. They were concerned chiefly about transforming the out-sourced items into marked products. This demonstrates the securities exchange existed just for immaterial resources. (Davis, 2009) Presently we will talk about the reasons for the Global monetary emergency: One of the fundamental purposes behind the emergencies was the lodging bubble. A lodging bubble is an economies bubble that happens in neighborhood or global market. The ongoing budgetary emergencies began in the long run in 2001 with the busting of U.S lodging bubble and achieved its top in 2005.Basically it is said when there is a quick increment in land prises until it contacts its pinnacle and achieves unsustainable dimension. The rise in the houses was recognized in 2006 after the market rectification. Previous director of Federal Reserve Board, Alan Greenspan said in 2007 that they had rise in lodging however it was extremely late until they understood in 2005 and 2006 (Bianco, 2008) Numerous market analysts trust that the fundamental explanation for lodging bubble was brought about by low loan cost set up by the Federal bank. The financing costs were diminished to 1% from 6.5%, this made individuals to contract their property against the credit. The banks consequently urged everybody to get advance against their home loans since land costs were at its pinnacle. [] When swelling started in 2004, US government pulled back fiscal convenience, they began expanding the loan cost and home loans installment likewise begun rising obviously. Tight cash strategy became an integral factor and there was an extraordinary interest of cash and in this manner house costs fell. Banks and other budgetary establishments financed at low rate, and when loan costs began raising there were overwhelming possibility of default by the subprime borrowers along these lines default by such borrowers prompted misfortunes. Despite the fact that the credits were verified and were sold to extraordinary institutional vehicles (SIV's) the misfortunes were still bourn by banks and different organizations (Mohan, 2009) Deregulation of monetary framework offered ascend to tradable instruments through securitization. Securitization implies transforming a benefit or Mastercard obligation into tradable instrument. This framework made family unit to wind up the two financial specialists and guarantors of securities. Along these lines exchanging diverse type of capital developed which was insecure and did not keep going for long which caused the monetary emergencies (Davis, 2009). Clearly US government neglected to deal with their exchange shortage. The lodging bubble was essentially brought about by shoddy credit and low financing cost rates. The fundamental explanation behind shabby credit was there was a great deal Chinese capital in U.S. What's more, that is on the grounds that US imports the vast majority of the items from china and pitches it at a shoddy rate to its buyers (Weismann, 2008) Worldwide Macro Economy Imbalance: According to Portes (2009) worldwide large scale economy was one of the major fundamental reasons of the monetary emergencies. This is a result of sparing ventures and immense cross fringe capital stream made a ton of weight on money related intermediation process, these lopsided characteristics with imperfection in the monetary market and instrument together ended up one of the particular highlights of emergencies (Mohan, 2009). In perspective on the present emergency, the UK Government can start the accompanying activities to keep another emergency: Taking a gander at the long haul , we consider what ought to be done so as to maintain a strategic distance from threat of future emergencies, obviously large scale economy irregularity was one of the major fundamental reason, so it is better UK government endeavor to discover the issues which lie at the interface between full scale economy approach and money related framework guideline. Hardly any more things that legislature ought to consider are they should ensure that they secure the requirements of normal individuals when the data is expensive to obtain. Next measure is the legislature should ensure that disguises noteworthy externalities. This is rather than the cash administrative casing work which does not concentrate on externalities and it likewise gives motivators to the organizations to turn out to be huge to come up short or too interconnected to even think about failing, on the grounds that the bigger the foundation the more interconnected and higher the danger of avoiding amid emergencies.( Brunnermeier, 2009) The legislature ought to likewise concentrate on precise hazard commitment on the grounds that amid the monetary emergencies misfortunes will in general spread over other budgetary foundations too. The legislature should endeavor to frame a guideline that decreases the danger of spreading over the misfortunes to budgetary establishments. A money related commitment to deliberate hazard can be vast due to its connection with budgetary challenges among different foundations or causes monetary troubles at different organizations. In this manner new measures ought to be gone for broke of both the channels. (Brunnermeier, 2009) As indicated by Turner (2009), liquidity the executives and new guidelines help to limit liquidity hazard. The future tenets and guidelines ought to be observed successfully (Turner, 2009). Resource value blasts can be managed by executing severe financial and fiscal approaches. These strategies should mull over value adjustment and full scale budgetary steadiness. There must be powerful co-appointment among local and universal arrangements. The UK Government should endeavor to balance out all the monetary establishments that hold illiquid resources. The controllers need to join full scale prudential and large scale financial investigation by utilizing sectoral examination (Turner 2009). REFERENCES: Brunnermeier, M.K., (2009) Financial Crisis: Mechanisms, Prevention and Management [Online] Princeton University. Accessible at: [accessed 28 February 2010] BBC., (2009) Timeline: Credit Crunch to Downturn [Online] Available at: [accessed 28 February 2010] Bianco, K.M., (2008) The Subprime Lending Crisis: Causes and Effects of the Mortgage Meltdown [Online] CCH Mortgage Compliance Guide and Bank Digest. Accessible at: [accessed 28 February 2010] Crotty, J., (2008) Structural Causes of the Global Financial Crisis: A Critical Assessmentof the 'New Financial Architecture' [Online] PERI – Political Eco

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