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Promoting the Opening of a New Library

Read Case Activity: Promoting the Opening of a New Library on page 265 and answer the questions in the last paragraph, which require a written news release, email pitch letter, and media alert.

In the Assignment Submission area, click Write submission to type your response, or copy and paste your response directly into the screen. You may also click Browse My Computer to attach a file containing your response.

Case Activity: Promoting the Opening of a New Library

A new university library will open next month. The $100 million building is an eight-story wonder of glass and steel beams designed by the famous architectural firm BK Skinner and Associates. The library has over 125 commissioned works of art and 2,500 Internet plug-ins for students and their laptops. In addition, the library has several computer labs for students and meeting rooms for university and community organizations. And, in a special coup, author J. K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame will be the guest of honor at the official opening.

Write an online news release about the new library and its planned grand opening. Second, write an e-mail pitch letter to the local media encouraging them to do feature stories about the new library in advance of the opening. Third, write a media alert letting the media know that J. K. Rowling will be available for interviews on a particular day. Include appropriate quotations and information that you deem necessary.

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NASA says that these famous words from JFK are what gave life to the Apollo program. The 1962 speech made a promise to make it to the moon in the decade and NASA got right to work. Set in the backdrop of the cold war, the “Great Space Race” between Russia and the United States was intense, and Russia was winning. Sputnik 1 was the first man-made satellite to orbit the Earth. And, it was Russian. Four years later, Yuri Gagarin was the first person to ever be in space- Another Russian. Desperate to get on top again, the United States began the Gemini missions, which were set to practice important tasks for moon landing like space walks and orbital docking. All had been going fairly well until a simulation on the Apollo-Saturn (AS) 204 resulted in a flash fire that killed three astronauts, Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee. The accident also killed the Apollo program for 21 months. In October of 1968, the program resumed, and more tests were run to practice things like being able to actually reach the moon, to test the equipment for the landing, and even to orbit the moon without landing. In July of 1969, astronauts Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin were the first humans to ever set foot on the moon. The landing was broadcast live on television due to a 7-pound camera that had been stowed away in a part of the Eagle. The camera was released to be able to capture the event by Armstrong himself who pulled a lanyard on the ladder on his way to the moon’s surface. His partner, Aldrin, then pushed a TV circuit breaker and the world was able to watch man’s first steps on the moon live. The broadcast was watched by 600 million people, which by today’s standards is 3 times higher than the Super Bowl. An impressive number even today, but in 1969 the 600 million viewers accounted for one fifth of the world: a far more impressive number that held the record for viewers for years to come. In total, 12 astronauts, all Americans, have set foot on the moon through the Apollo program. These astronauts retuned over 840 pounds of rock/dirt from the moon which have led to a deeper understanding of the moon and how it was formed. They left behind an American flag and a plaque that read “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon. July 1969 A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.” The entire Apollo program cost the government 20.4 billion dollars. This is the same as 120 billion dollars today. The program was cancelled in 1972 for “mundane reasons such budget decisions and NASA’s research goals.” It’s a beautiful story. The United States beats Russia once and for all, accomplished our goals, and made “one giant leap for mankind.” But, is it a true story? Americans seem to be unsure. A 2001 special on Fox called Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? Summarized and presented the evidence that the landing was all a hoax. The following information is all from that film. Top proponents of the conspiracy say that the astronauts did go to space, they just didn’t land on the moon. Instead, Armstrong and Aldrin spent 8 days just orbiting the Earth, waiting to reenter. Conspiracy theorists believe it is technically impossible to land on the moon, and they say this is why no other country has tried it. Most conspiracy theorists believe that the moon landing was actually produced and filmed in the infamous US Air Force facility, Area 51. They say that the set of the lunar landing is still standing in the facility, which is why Area 51 is so heavily guarded. The

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