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Psychodynamic theorists focus

What do psychodynamic theorists focus on and what are some questions that arise in this field of study?

Summarize the major ideas for the following theorists. Input key terms associated with their theories.

1) sigmund feud

2)Karen Horney

3) Carl Jung

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abour market coincides with an era where economic growth has been comparatively poorer. Inevitably, this has added to the unemployment crisis. It is important to note at this juncture that despite political rhetoric that argues that South Africa is characterized by ‘jobless growth’, this is in effect not true. More accurately, the growth in unemployment has been outpaced by the growth in the labour force (Bhorat 2003; 6). figure 5 Source: Republic of South Africa. Department of Monitoring and Evaluation: 20year review Another structural change that contributed to the rise of unemployment in South Africa was the decline of the gold mining industry (2001). Mining and manufacturing hemorrhaged jobs heavily even though other parts of the economy, notably commerce, finance, real estate, business services, and the public sector grew. This growth was not sufficient to cancel out the losses in manufacturing and mining. It is important too, to understand the rise of unemployment in South Africa, to fully appreciate the contemporary short comings of the labour market. Until the mid-1970’s South Africa, much like other Sub-Saharan African countries, experienced labour shortages. Nattrass (1996:46; 2001) notes that in response to this challenge the South African government used coercive measures to ensure cheap labour to meet the demands of industry, mines, and commercial farms. Development driven by gold revenues and foreign capital ensured a consistent flow of labour away from traditional agriculture in favour of rapid urbanization (Nattrass 1996:46; Stander 1996). But this growth ground to a halt in the mid-1970s when the gold boom burst and effectively lost its luster. By the late 1970s unemployment had taken hold such that by 1994, one third of the African labour force was simply unable to find work. From the mid-1920s South Africa’s industrialisation strategy mirrored that of Latin America with a strong inward focus. Initially, this strategy supported labour-intensive industries but slowly began losing steam by the 1960s. Unlike the East Asian economies, who at that time adopted a more outward-orientated export approach, South Africa closed in with heavier protectionist measures and a capital-intensive industry approach. These developments, together with negative real interest rates and large-scale strategic investments such as Sasol, made for a lethal concoction of rising capital intensity. The net result is that economy became increasingly more capital intensive at the expense of labour intensity. The issue of employment creation is a hotly contested one in South African politics. Twenty years after democracy, it is still the election-dominating card, and the priority of national, provincial and municipal card. In fact, amongst the biggest and most visible political parties, the promise to create jobs is at the top of their election manifestos. ‘We have created 3.7million work opportunities over the past 5years’ ‘ Zuma, State of the Nation 2014 ‘The manifest we release today is a manifesto for jobs’ ‘ Helen Zille, Leader of opposition Democratic Alliance. Without getting into the political semantics it is important to heed Bhora’s (2003) cautions th

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