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Psychology of Disaster

The psychological phases of disaster response provide a useful framework for behavioral health providers and other agency professionals and community members to understand the psychological and emotional transitions throughout the disaster recovery process. Below, identify and explain, with detail, a disaster response phase. Select a disaster, either historic or modern day, and describe the selected psychological phase of disaster response exemplified in the chosen disaster. Individuals present with physical complaints more in the case of chemical or biological events, these are often seen secondary to any psychological symptoms that may be present. Discuss the phenomenon that is described above and how effective disaster behavioral health methods can be used to mitigate the strain on resources in disaster response circumstances when such presentations​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​ emerge. Discuss the roles of risk and protective factors in disaster resilience as they are advanced in resiliency theory. Explain the most notable differences that might be observed in disaster response situations by behavioral health providers applying ideals of resiliency theory. Share your thoughts on whether resiliency theory offers an enhanced approach to disaster recovery for most communities. Social support is a critical element in the disaster recovery process for each affected individual. Indeed, social support serves as a significant protective factor against PTSD and other psychological effects of disaster. Discuss the concept of the social support network and its importance to the larger community following a disaster event. How do benefits of the social support network compare to those of the social support seen at the individual level?

Sample Solution

intra organisational systems. The relationship between ITs and competitive advantage and performance is still unclear. Although there is an indirect and complex casual relationship between ITs and profitability, it is difficult to be quantified and generalised. There is evidence, however, that well-managed ITs can generate tremendous value for organizations. Chapter 3 METHODOLOGY This chapter explores the methods which were used to obtain and express the aspect How Furniture Designers can set up their own business?” Types of data collected for achieving the aims and objectives of this research work will be discussed as well as research process itself. Afterwards the techniques of analysis will be explained as well as the limitations of the methods used. The research methodology of this dissertation will rely on both secondary and primary data. The figure below will give an idea of the process of research; Primary research is the core source of to-the-point information in order to achieve the objectives of study. Collection of primary data will be gathered by conducting the field research. Secondary research will save out time on things and research that are already done. Academic sources will be the base to provide the theoretical foundation to understand how Furniture designer can start his business. Research papers and academic journals will help to achieve this aim. The secondary research is intended to find out the facts about research done in the past in the related or similar subject.

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