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Psychology Today article

Read the following Psychology Today article, What is Neurodiversity? (Retrieved from

  1. Consider the behaviors in the bulleted listed below:

Jenny will only eat white foods.
Brenda follows a very specific routine in the morning. If her schedule is disrupted in any way she is unable to get through the rest of her day.
Lucy did not speak until she was 3 and tends to repeat the same 3 words over and over again.
Thomas has difficulty expressing his emotions and is unable to interpret the emotional cues of others.
Jason avoids physical contact with others.
Nancy wears headphones to avoid interactions with others in public settings.
Matt does not look a person in the eye when he speaks to them.
Mary cannot focus unless her socks are pulled up to her knees. She says it hurts her when they fall down.
Ryan enjoys watching NASCAR. He knows all of the drivers’ stats and shares this information with his friends, family, and acquaintances.
Tammy prefers to work alone and does not do well in group settings.
Sarah can follow directions and clearly understands spoken language but she does not communicate vocally.
Steven refuses to wear clothing that needs to be pulled over his head. He prefers one specific shirt but will wear another shirt if it has buttons or a zipper.

  1. PICK TWO behaviors from the list above and answer the five following questions for each of the two behaviors selected. For each, include a heading to indicate which behavior you are addressing (Example: Jenny will only eat white foods) and then list your numbered answers.

Is the behavior neurotypical or neuroatypical?
Should the behavior be addressed through treatment?
To what extent might this behavior present a challenge for an individual in dealing with others?
What could be done in a school or workplace to accommodate these kinds of behaviors?
Could the behavior provide an advantage?

Sample Solution

ect to taxation in that state – e.g. if a Dutch entity is carrying on transactions in Romania through which a PE is born, all the revenues derived from that specific activity will be subject to 16% corporate income tax rate in Romania. ¬ What is a Permanent Establishment as per the Romanian tax legislation As per art. 8 para. (1) of Law no. 227/2015 regarding the Fiscal Code, “a permanent establishment is defined as a place through which a non-resident’s business activity is totally or partly carried on, either direct or through a dependent agent”. Thus, it can be noticeably that there are two main elements that cumulatively can born a PE in Romania: (i) an extraneity element – the non-resident; (ii) a business activity carried on within Romanian territory. If both conditions are met, it should be analysed what is and what is not considered a PE according with the Romanian tax legislation. In this regard, according with on our analysis there are several types of PEs, as follows. ¬ Fixed place PE In this case a PE is considered a fixed place of management, a branch, an office, a factory, a shop, a workshop, as well as a mine, an oil or gas well, a quarry or any other place of extraction of natural resources, as well as a place through which on a continuity basis is carried on an activity with assets and liabilities of a Romanian entity subject to a reorganisation process (e.g. merger, spin-off etc.). ¬ Installation PE A PE is considered also a building or construction site, an installation project, or assembly, or supervision activities related to the aforementioned ones, only if the site, project or activities lasts longer than 6 months. In this case, the specification of the PE is the duration, by meaning longer than 6 months ¬ Agency PE A non-resident is considered to have a PE with regards to the activities rendered by a person, other than an independent agent, in the name of the non-resident, 
if the person acts in Romania in the name of the non-resident and if one of the following conditions is met: • the person is authorised and is exercising authority in Romania to conclude agreements in the name of the non-resident, with exception to the activities limited at art. 8 para. (4) lit. a) – f) of the Fiscal Code; • the person maintains in Romania a stock of goods or products from where are delivered goods or products in the name of the non-resident. ¬ Service PE These are the cases when an employee of the non-resident render activities in Romania in the name of the non-resident for a specific period of time. ¬ What is not considered a Permanent Establishment in Romanian As general rule, the aforementioned situations are deemed to born a PE and should be considered essentially when analysing the PE impact in Romania. However, by exception to the above-men

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