Psychopathology's benefits to society

Psychopathology’s benefits to society

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Hello. This is a paper for my undergraduate course called “Advanced Composition”. During this 16-week course, we have to hand in a total of 4 research papers on the subject we chose, each coming out of another, meaning that the last paper will be the product of the work on the previous 3. The subject I chose was Psychology, and I am trying to argue that people with Anti-social personality disorder (Psychopaths/ Sociopaths) are in fact in many ways beneficial to the society.

I wrote the 2nd paper (in a rush) and have a rough outline for my 3rd paper (also done in a rush). I am now basically ordering the 4th (last) paper from you, but in the process I will have to hand in the 3rd version of it (it will come out by deleting things from the paper you will submit to me). The 4th version has to be 10-12 pages + a Works cited page, while the 3rd version has to be 4-6 pages + a Works cited page.

The amount of sources has to be around 15 in the end paper, and less in the previous one. The work should also include a bibliography with little comments (as in whether the source was helpful for my research topic or not).

I will attach the 2nd version of my paper along with the rough outline for the third to this order, so that you can have an idea of what I am writing about and my language and writing style. The paper you write should resemble my writing style and seem as though it came as a product of me working from my 2nd version of the paper and with the outline in mind. The thesis point has to be the same, but you can change the wording to something simpler (my professor said I should rephrase it)

My professor is a very smart man and has an eye for papers that are ordered, but I have a high trust in you and hope that you can write it in a way that will not put me under fire. Please acknowledge all of the instructions I gave you and keep in mind that first I will hand in the cleaned up 4-6 version of the paper you will write.

To give you a little background on my language skills, I’m initially a Russian-speaker, but level-wise have English as my first language right now. My IELTS score is 8.5/9, so please word the paper accordingly, as he has an idea of my writing style.


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