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Public health nursing.

Question #1

Research the history of public health nursing. What role does the government play in the health of its citizens? How involved should the government be in our health?

Question #2

Compare and contrast health care systems in the United States to other major post industrialized countries. What are the advantages/disadvantages to these systems?

Question #3: Identify one pivotal person who impacted the history of public health nursing. Make sure to include information about this person and explain ways they impacted public health nursing and how this was important to the development of public health nursing as it is understood today.

Sample Solution

As we had expected in the established hypothesis, the dishwasher soap, the saline solution and the ethanol together performed the lysis process on the cells, and that led to the release of DNA molecules from the cells of the strawberry and tomato tissue, as well as its precipitation on the sample. As discussed previously in this report, cell membranes are made of a phospholipid bilayer that gives the cell’s nucleus a layer of protection and moreover, needs to be broken down in order to perform DNA extraction. In addition to this, It was also previously discussed that the genetic material in vegetable cells is preserved more rigorously, as they possess a cell membrane made up of various polysaccharides like is cellulose. This brings us to conclude that these two things need a very specific set of components in order to be able to break this layer down. Firstly, i will assess the chemical components that , helped break down the cell and release the DNA. Dishwasher soap has a substance called “Laurel Sulfate” which aids in removing proteins and fats, just as when used to wash the dishes. This substance helps pull the fats and proteins apart from the membrane that covers the nucleus. In this specific case, the properties of lipids can clearly be identified. Another factor that aids in us being able to see the genetic material, is that DNA molecules have a negative charge, which means that the molecules naturally repel each other due to their charge. Because of this, the saline solution neutralizes the negative charges making them come together, which is what makes it a big piece of DNA that we can observe without the help of a microscope or advanced laboratory equipment. Once the detergent and the salt have an effect on the cell membrane and break it down in order to release DNA, it is transparent, meaning that it cannot be seen. Ethanol is what makes it possible for us to be able to see the genetic material. This process is called precipitation. However, it is important for the ethanol to be really cold, because if it isn’t, the effect might not happen with the noticeable expected results. To conclude, these substances are the ones to breakdown the membranes containing DNA, and are what make us observe it and analyze it. When comparing both samples together, a significant remark is how despite the fact that both have a cellular wall structure aside from the main membrane, the observations that we made allow us to conclude that the DNA extraction from strawberry cells is more abundant than the one extracted from tomato cells. In this laboratory we don´t count with the necessary equipment to quantify a determined amount of extraction, but indeed, the molecules that have a foggy and cloudy appearance are bigger and dominant in the first sample. I believe that this happened because of the chromosome and gene arrangement that was previously described. Since strawberries are generally octoploids, while tomatoes are diploids, tomatoes have 12 sets, all of which have two chromosomes. In total, they have 24 chromosomes. On the other hand, strawberries have 7 sets. Despite this number being smaller, being octop

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