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Pulmonary Function

Lou is a 35-year-old who presents for evaluation of a cough. She is normally a healthy young lady with no
significant medical history. She takes no medications and does not smoke. She reports that she was in her usual
state of good health until approximately three weeks ago when she developed a “really bad cold.” The cold is
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characterized by a profound, deep, mucus-producing cough. She denies any rhinorrhea or rhinitis—the primary
problem is a cough. She develops these coughing fits that are prolonged, very deep, and productive of a lot of
green sputum. She hasn’t had any fever but does have a scratchy throat. Lou has tried over-the-counter cough
medicines but has not had much relief. The cough keeps her awake at night and sometimes gets so bad that she
gags and dry heaves.

  1. Identify the most likely condition that best explains the patient’s cough. Provide a description of the disorder
    and underlying respiratory alteration associated with the type of cough selected in the scenario.
  2. Describe and explain the pathophysiologic process of the disease and underlying respiratory alteration
    associated with the cough.
  3. Describe common clinical manifestations associated with the disorder.
    Identify the causes and risk factors for the condition depicted in the chosen case.
  4. Consider the following patient factors genetics, gender, ethnicity, age, or behavior. Select two patient factors
    and discuss the influence of the factors chosen on the disorder.
  5. 3 peer reviewed articles less than 5 years old

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