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Purpose Statement for ‘Petal & Pup’ Clothing Store

Form of Sway Link:

Description of Organisation

Petal and Pup is a fast-fashion clothing brand in Australia, that ships worldwide. In 2014, Petal and Pup was born on Shopify as an e-commerce business and has now grown into a popular fashion brand for many women. The clothing style could be described as very typically feminine, with many dresses, bold colours and floral patterns appearing on their website.
Purpose Statement
The new purpose statement for Petal and Pup is:
“Petal and Pup strives to empower woman through all stages of their lives by offering affordable, fashionable and comfortable clothing”

Petal and Pup exists to offer woman stylish clothing at attainable price points, so that women feel fabulous every day, including during special moments of their lives like weddings, pregnancy, and raising children.

Petal and Pup enact this purpose by staying on top of global fashion trends and analysing our fashion items for their ability to be worn at special events, by pregnant women, and for busy mothers.

Petal and Pup’s purpose means that women everywhere can feel powerful, strong, and confident in themselves.
Justification for Purpose Statement
This purpose statement is more than financial gain. It stands to benefit Petal and Pup customers by empowering them to feel confident in themselves, offering them access to affordable styles.
Petal and Pup customers benefit from this purpose, as they no longer have to experience the struggle of finding appropriate clothing for important moments in life, including weddings, work events, pregnancy, motherhood, and daily life.
The values that underpin this purpose statement is the empowerment of women, celebrating women, allowing women access and choice to express themselves with fashion, and helping women to thrive in all aspects of their life by offering affordable, functional clothing choices.
The perceived role of a woman in society has changed dramatically over the last few decades and continues to do so. There have been many societal changes occur to help support women, and women are more free to wear clothing that they choose, that makes them feel good about themselves. More recently, ‘maternity clothing’ has been faded out in place of something much more inclusive. Clothing that is fashionable, and that can be worn pregnant or not. This change in fashion enables women to have easier access to clothing that is stylish and makes them feel good, and no longer feel excluded by mainstream fashion.
Symbolic Photos (Explanation)
There are four photographs throughout this work.

  1. A pregnant woman wearing a fashionable outfit (Source:
  2. Two pregnant friends dressed professionally (Source: )
  3. A woman with her two children, dressed to move through her day (Source: )
  4. A woman walking to work in comfortable, fashionable attire (Source:

Sample Solution

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