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Qualitative Research Article – Work-Life Balance or Employee Happiness

conduct a literature review of your topic area (4-Day Work Week, Work-Life Balance or Employee Happiness, Turnover in Nonprofit Organizations), focusing your choice on a research study that uses one of the qualitative approaches covered this week.

Looking for a particular kind of qualitative article on your topic may be more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. Do not hesitate to broaden your search to incorporate related phenomena or different target groups in order to find a study.
Make sure you get the complete citation of the article, as well as the .pdf, because your Instructor will want to review the article.
Be aware that your posting will first require an extensive article analysis. What you post is a summary of your work, not the entire analysis. This is good practice for summarizing and evaluating research for your capstone.

Sample Solution

masquerade of carnival shows the impermanence of any relationship between the individual and the social identity claimed by the symbolism of his clothes. The idea of costumery and disguise plays a large role in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. The character of Viola would have been played by a male actor, dressed as a woman, dressed as a man – adding to the comedic value of the play. Viola’s cross-dressing as a whole is politically subversive however, it seems that in society, the position of an individual in life is more determined by what they wear and how they act than by anatomy. Bristol touches on the ‘topsy-turvy’ behaviours of theatre, the notion of smashing and destroying is not something we particularly encounter in either Mankind or Twelfth Night, at least not literally. Bristol notes that Carnival celebrations indiscriminately attack both legitimate authority and illicit sexual activity. The violence suffered by constables and bill-men is an act of resentment and resistance. The abuse suffered by Malvolio and Mankind is an attack on the hierarchical characters and peace-keepers. Malvolio’s status is arguably ‘smashed and destroyed’ using his love for Olivia as a tool. Carnival seems to have an anarchistic tone, where Bristol states that an oppressed social group is acting out their frustration by victimising an even more disadvantaged group, such as bawds and panders, which he calls ‘ displaced abjection. The Carnivalesque deemed useless as it contradicts itself and (according to Bristol) reinstates order and hierarchy, even though order’s true attributes are easily discovered. Bristol says that carnival is therefore anarchistic and anarchy does not work as it reinforces the status quo – This idea is also contemplated by Rosario in her lecture where she writes that the Carnivalesque could even reinforce the existing hierarchy by how people (society) feel a visceral shock to invert such rules and thus become more aware of their power.

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