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Quality Improvement

For this discussion, you are asked to share an experience from your professional work environment. Your initial post should be substantive and should address each element of the question asked.

  1. Describe a quality improvement process you have been involved with from your work environment.
  2. Discuss the policy that was being revised, created, or improved.
  3. Describe the evaluation method that determined the need for improvement.
  4. Discuss how the policy was changed and the final outcome of the improvement.
  5. Respond to at least 2 classmates, giving feedback on the policies and methods used. Do you prefer the method used in your workplace or someone else’s?

Sample Solution

accountable for his failures. Liberal ideas were spread throughout Europe by imperial wars and slavery was reinstated to French Colonies. Havoc overtook Europe as all countries feared they would end up like France, with an overthrown monarchy and oppressive ruler. Through his use of Propaganda and Nationalism, Napoleon assembled large armies, invading any country who disagreed with his ideas. Famously worshipped by his troops, Napoleon’s loyalty to them was not returned. During the Egyptian campaign, plague-stricken soldiers were poisoned, and in the Russian campaign, some 30,000 soldiers were abandoned while Napoleon returned a hero. Furthermore, Napoleon had no second thought about killing French citizens in order to remain in power, for instance, in 1795, he did not hesitate to down the Parisian mob with cannons. Even though he spread conflict, Napoleon’s wars spread new ideas and institutions throughout Europe, reforming European tradition and spreading democratic and liberal ideas throughout, directly influencing the development of Europe which can still be seen in current day. He looked beyond partition and ideological attributes and recognized exceptional skills and talents that could support his vision of France. As Napoleon once said, “I care only for people who are useful to me, and only so long as they are useful.” These words portray his selfishness and control, but he remained a shining knight in armor to the people of Paris. What is a Tyrant? A Tyrant is someone who is a cruel and oppressive ruler, ruling with absolute power. What is a Hero? A hero is someone who is idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. As a hero to the people of France and a tyrant to absolutist monarchists and neighboring countries, Napoleon rightly fits into both categories of the spectrum, as he honoured some principles of the Revolution and betrayed others, gave the people of France some freedom, but ruled with an iron fist. As a hero, Napoleon created the Napoleonic code and rebuilt France. As a tyrant, Napoleon abolished women’s rights and ruled as an absolutist dictator. As both, he became one of the most influential figures in European history, living on as a Heroic Tyrant.

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