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Quality Improvement Milestones

Throughout history, major events have influenced quality improvement efforts in health care. For example, the Institute of Medicine’s report To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System revealed statistics about errors in patient safety that result in thousands of deaths annually. Health care administration leaders must be cognizant of the purpose and philosophy of quality improvement efforts as they lead the charge for improving health outcomes and patient safety.
For this Discussion, reflect on the development of high-reliability health care systems. Think about how you, as a current or future health care administration leader, might address challenges when implementing high-reliability techniques for a health services organization.

Describe, a description of Johns Hopkins’ efforts to create a high-reliability health care system. Then, explain how these techniques might benefit your health services organization or one with which you are familiar. Be specific and provide examples. Explain potential health care administration leader challenges when implementing high-reliability techniques within this organization.

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resence of politics in TCC allow the employees to divert the decision making of the management in their beneficial way which is not productive for organization. • Politics bring oneself more powerful than the others. In TCC, this scenario has been seen where power is unequally distributed due to political influence. • It increases a foundation of support in TCC which is a positive sign for the business. The foundation of business gets stronger with this political influence. Organizational Power: To influence people must be needed power. This affects the behavior of the minors, to control the resources of an organization (Grumana and Saks, 2011). There is a complete transaction between the agent and the target. Agent uses the power, whereas, target takes attempt so that they can use the power. Influence of Power: Power can be used in an organization both positively and negatively. In TCC, power is applied for both purposes. Positive influence of power increases the communication and productivity among the employees while negative influence often take place due to forcing power against other in getting benefit. To motivate the employees in an organization, managers use power. For example, in TCC the managers apply power to develop flexible working plan so that employees get motivated and work according to their ease. To dominate others, sometime anyone can use power in TCC. This is the negative influence of TCC where the employee or employer having power try to impose it to others. Power strongly helps the management to take proper decisions for TCC. Influence of power often lead the business to achieve organizational objectives. If power is properly applied in TCC by the manager to enhance the productivity, the organizational objectives will easily be achiev

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