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Race and ethnicity

How do you even begin to talk about race and ethnicity? And, specifically in a social work context, how do you broach these topics with clients, families, and communities? In 1994, eight American men of various backgrounds (African, Asian, European, and Latino descent) sat down together in a room to talk about race. What followed was a raw, emotional, and difficult conversation that peeled back the layers of racism’s impact. Although the Color of Fear film is decades old now, the need to talk about race remains.

For this Discussion, you view one such conversation among faculty and then analyze what you observed, considering the various perspectives and how they may inform social work practice.

To Prepare
View the Voices of Diversity: Race and Ethnicity video showing Social Work faculty sharing perspectives and experiences related to race and ethnicity.
Reflect on the video, identifying ideas, experiences, or statements that resonate with you, as well as strategies that were described.

Sample Solution

The use of Chromebooks allowed me to plan a series of lessons in which various classes from year 9 had to revise for a following RE assessment. The reason behind my idea, is that I wanted to observe the interaction between pupils (set up in random groups, mixed abilities), the capability of knowing how to access information of the internet, and to assess the effectiveness of their research skills. Banyard (2015) explains that cognition is extended when learning technologies are used, such as searching information, processing data and connecting with people. These functions are part of how learners make sense of their world. With the right instructions given (topic, key words, no of slides, timings), pupils managed to work together, research in an effective manner and produced a series of well-presented revision topics for the entire half term previously studied. In this sequence of lessons I also had the opportunity to apply the flipped learning style. According to Flipped Learning Network, (2014), this is a “pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter” (Flipped Learning Network, 2014). There are various studies researching the effectiveness of this teaching style, and the outcome looks positive, resulting in great improvements for pupils using this type of learning over a longer period of time. . With the rise of issues in the world of internet, such as sexting, bullying or inappropriate material, it is left in our hands to educate the pupils (and their parents) of the dangers of the internet. Schools are all having specific policies dealing with the rules of using the internet, pictures from the web, or posting videos on the web, and I made sure that in the lessons where we used chromebooks I reinforced the rules of safety in all lessons. Kahoot is a digital platform for creating and playing learning games in an interactive way. Kahoot can easily turn a class into a game show, based on social interaction, play and learning. It is a game that encourages pupils to look up (instead of looking at a computer screen), to look at other pupils and discuss in an interactive way, creating collaborative learning. Kahoot is about bringing emotion into learning experience, and it is done through sign design, game design and through language; therefore, creating emotions, Kahoot produces memorable moments, which can lead anywhere. It also has the power to make the quietest pupil, the one that seats at the back of the class to connect in an engaging, fun game. Kahoot uses language in the game that can show progress, and nevertheless the reward is there, for everybody: the name of the wi

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