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Recruiting and Staff Plan

Assess the opening case study from Chapter 6: “Amazon is Hiring…Big Time!” In a three- to five-page paper (not including the title and references pages), create a recruiting and staffing strategy for Amazon, and select one position from the given list to write a recruiting and staffing plan; consider how many of these positions Amazon needs to fill. You must select from the following full-time positions: Warehouse Supervisor, Delivery Representative, and Customer Service Manager.)

Write an introduction including the selected position, a preview of your paper, and a succinct thesis statement.
Discuss the legal landscape, including special legal considerations that the company should be aware of.
Create a recruiting plan for the position selected that includes the following:
Explain what recruiting is and why it is important.
Explain the tools that will be utilized to find candidates for filling the selected position, and state why each tool was selected.
Create a selection plan for the position that includes the following:
Explain what staffing is and why it is important.
State what assessments will be used and why.
Discuss the types of interviewing techniques that will be used and why.
List five job-specific interview questions for the position candidates.

Sample Solution

At the outset, language is an evident barrier to good communication. Ordering new materials supplies in a foreign language may be done with no trouble with the help of a translator, but to make clear complex technical methods or setting up marketing plans and recruitment will oblige a considerable amount of understanding of traditions and laws that may be relevant. Secondly local laws may be significantly different of those from the original base. Labour laws may vary, trade unions may be tougher resulting in more company disputes; environmental issues may mean an increase in production cost to manufacture in a more environmentally friendly manner furthermore the most common downfall are import restrictions for example businesses operating in the EU, but from non-EU countries, are needed to source more than 70 per cent of their production inputs from within the EU. Thirdly input factors can have varying quality. Labour is a good example, basic numeracy and literacy skills varying across developed and less developed countries. These skills are crucial for training staff particularly those who require using a computer controlled machinery. Enhancing skills within the work force will be beneficial but organisations aim to cut time by taking the international company’s highly productive workers. Lastly well known global companies such as Nike have been heavily criticised for the exploitation of their workers this has a very big effect on their brand image and negative press means that they may lose out on potential shareholders. Conclusion After evaluating both sides for and against globalisation, globalisation has brought the world together and with time and with all the advance in technology I feel that nations will begin to interact more effectively and efficiently. International trading means that more consumers needs are met and the broaden of independence ideals to developed nations. Globalisation can be beneficial to many countries around the world because regional economic mixing means that there are concurrence between countries in a geographic region this lowers tariff and non-tariff obstructions to the free flow of merchandise, services, and issue of manufacturing between each other. Word count: 1293

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