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Reintroducing Europeans to Ptolemy’s Geography

Instructions: Copy and paste these questions into a word processing document. I will accept your answers in the following formats (.doc,.docx, .rtf).

  1. Which group was responsible for reintroducing Europeans to Ptolemy’s Geography?
    2.In Spain’s New World Empire, what were viceroyalties?
    3.Which play by William Shakespeare, his last, dealt with questions colonization and racial intolerance?
    4.Identify three religious reforms which were enacted by Ulrich Zwingli and his followers.
    5.Describe the women who were most likely to be accused of witchcraft in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries?
    6.Describe the qualities for which Baroque paints became known. Who is identified in your text as the greatest figure of this movement? Why?
    7.What role did the pashas play in the Turkish empire in North Africa?
    8.What structure served as a model for a new style of Ottoman architecture following Mehmet II’s capture of Constantinople?
    9.How did the joint effort between Safavid and English forces to capture the port of Hormuz from Portugal impact Safavid relations with Europe?
    10.What impact did the lack of printing technology have on Indian literature during the Mughal Empire?

11.What factors inspired the rebellion led by Li Zicheng against the Ming government? What role did this rebellion play in the Manchu decision to invade China?
12.What was the purpose of the so-called banners established by the Manchu government?
13.Based on the section titled, “The Tribute System” on page 439, why did the emperor reject Lord McCartney’s request for a permanent British ambassador in Beijing?
14.Based on the reading on page 448, why did Toyotomi Hideyoshi expel Christian missionaries from Japan?
15.What contradictions in Enlightenment views on women did Mary Wollstonecraft point out in her work Vindication of the Rights of Woman?
16.Who was Denis Diderot? What publication is considered his greatest achievement?

Sample Solution

population found this perplexing due to the cultural belief in “two-spirit” or what can be considered a third gender (Morgensen. 2012). With the colonization of the indigenous population Europeans were able to instill their beliefs about gender and sex, eventually this became a tool in their quest for dominance (Manning, 2019). Additionally it can be suggested that it created the foundation of a hierarchical system in the Americas and the Caribbean society knows toady. In short the institution of gender was the beginnings of colonial power around the world. With the concept of hierarchy forced on the indigenous colonizers were able to justify gendered violence, because of the man over woman ideal. Gendered violence played an important role in the shaping of colonial societies and establishing power and it continued to be a tool of retaining power during post-colonisation and modern day conflict. It is clear that even in modern day society there is a large amount of inequality throughout the world in terms of men’s and women’s opportunities, and unfortunately the inequalities can become amplified during times of conflict. During World War 1 80% of casualties were soldiers, during the Vietnam War 80% of casualties were civilians mostly women and children (Fagan,1999). This is an example of an extremely concerning trend and that is that women and children have become tools and pawns in conflicts to gain or retain power on both international and national levels. As instability in security increases the risk of sexual violence also increases all across the board for men, women, and children. The use of sexual violence is used a psychological tactic to control and weaken communities through loss of social cohesion. Colonization and war both contributed to the objectification and demoralization use of sexual violence to carry out the task at hand. We see this with early colonizers who were quick to brutalize native women and exploit their newly taken power. A more modern examples would be the conflicts in Rwanda, Uganda, and Bosnia–Herzegovina, which saw sexual violence used as a systemic tool of war; but also can be used to control populations in times of peace (Close, 2011). The use of sexual violence reinforces gender stereotypes in societies both developed and developing, especially the idea that conflict is a male dominated.

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