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Assume that you are a new social worker employed in a residential complex for retired people. In talking with one resident, you find out that he has complaints about the quality of the food, the limited variety of social activities, and the inadequate transportation to nearby stores and restaurants. Furthermore, he states that the administrators of the facility tend to ignore his complaints and those of other residents. For this discussion:

Construct a questionnaire composed of eight questions that will help you to find out the extent to which other residents feel the way he does. You can use quantitative and/or qualitative survey questions.

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ames MacGregor Burns is an incredibly smart man, watching and listening to his knowledge and experience of leadership enhanced my comprehension of transformational and transactional leadership immensely. Mr. Burns describes leadership by using examples of people who have previously held leadership titles. These examples include military leaders and leaders who have had leadership power over thousands of people, such as former President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The examples used by Mr. Burns expanded my understanding by knowing what followers will expect of me, as well as how followers may make me feel. Mr. Burns described how being a transformational leader can be conflict ridden and a great transformational leader will make enemies along the way (University of Richmond, 2010). He gave the example of how FDR expressed how knew people would be upset with him and he was determined to not let it affect his leadership style. Transactional Leadership Transactional leaders are focused on order and structure, their followers should be self- motivated and work well in a controlled environment, this is to promote intended change. Transactional leadership occurs when a leader offers followers rewards for performing over expectations (Northouse, 2018). These rewards can come in the forms of promotions, bonuses, or other perks. Mr. Burns described this form of leadership as a “brokerage” (University of Richmond, 2010). Transactional leadership is different from transformational relationship by using a negative-positive reinforcement approach, whereas transformational is geared by motivation. According to Mr. Burns transformational leadership produces lasting change. Mr. Burns gave an example of lasting change when he discussed the Social Security Act implemented by FDR (University of Richmond, 2010). This act executed by FDR has a lasting effect long after FDR was no longer in a leadership position. Transformational leaders desire their followers to reach their full potential, so they are typically attentive. Transformational leadership transforms individuals, this is done through support, reassurance, encouragement, and inspiration. Through these qualities motivation and morale is increased by both the leader and the follower. Leadership Goals

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