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Response to Hurricane Katrina

Based on the response to Hurricane Katrina, what is the relationship between inefficiency and ethical behavior for leaders? How could the response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster have been more effective, and thus more ethical? Your response must be at least 200 words.
In considering the BP Oil Spill, what circumstances would ethically justify a government or private company in restricting information made available to the public during a disaster? At what point might other companies have an ethical right to intervene regarding environmental disasters?

Sample Solution

In actuality, the Greek performance centre stays a standout amongst the most perceived and unmistakable structures on the planet. While we associate numerous highlights of present-day theatres with their Greek counterparts, the old auditorium was an altogether different creature. The size, shape, and elements of the different pieces, however undifferentiated from the advanced theatre, were very unique in old occasions. The Greek performance centre developed to fit the changing determinations of disaster, in the long run into the structure that gets by at many destinations around the Mediterranean. In the meantime, the general straightforwardness of the Greek theatre, regardless of the numerous changes, requested certain highlights of the tragedies. As tragedy advanced from choral melodies to works. 2) Stage types: Proscenium stage: A proscenium theatre is a thing that we, for the most part, consider as a “theatre”. Its essential component is the Proscenium, an “image outline” set around the front of the playing section of an end stage. The edge is the Proscenium; the wings are spaces on either side, stretching out off-stage. The view can encompass the acting region on all sides aside from the side towards the crowd, who watch the play through picture outline opening. “Behind the stage” is any space around the acting region which is far out of the audience. Thrust theatre: A Stage encompassed by the audience on three sides. The Fourth side fills in as the background. In a more modern adaptation: the stage is frequently a square or rectangular playing region, normally raised, encompassed by raked seating. Different shapes are conceivable; Shakespeare’s Globe Theater was a five-sided thrust stage. End Stage: A Thrust stage stretched out one end to the other, similar to a thrust stage with the crowd on only one side, for example, the front. “Behind the stage” is behind the background wall. There is no genuine wing space to the sides, in spite of the fact that there might be doors situated there. A case of a modern end-stage organise is a music corridor, where the background walls encompass the playing space on three sides. Like a thrust stage, view serves basically as a background, as opposed to including the acting space. Arena Theatre: A focal stage surrounded by the crowd of people on all sides. The stage region is regularly raised to improve sight-lines.

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