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Reversal of a stereotypical fairy tale

Watch the short clip and finish the chart in regards to Explaining how the clip shows the reversal of a stereotypical fairy tale. I put a format of how the claim should be but you can revise it or modify it. Please refer to the writing bootcamp on how you’re supposed to write a claim, the claim must include the points in the slides of the bootcamp. I put the proof there however you can use a different proof if you need. Most importantly the analysis. Please refer to the writing bootcamp on how you’re supposed to write a analysis, the analysis must follow the same analysis format/concept in the slides of the bootcamp.

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cording to the survey in 2014, the total non-UK nationals were 5.3 million from which 2.9 million were the EU nationals and of those 2.2 million are currently working in the UK. Moreover, relation between EU and UK in future can be politically described as EU is not just a group of states which unites and cooperate with each other, but it’s a group of states who have authorities over judicial and executive decisions through creating a supernatural institutions. It can be seen as one of the most noticeable factor, as the European Court of Justice can overrule national jurisdiction and similarly European Parliament with the Council can effectively replace national laws by offering new laws. Majority of British electorate have claimed rejection over these supranational exercises and it was significant that the UK has rejection on one of the elements of the single market. Furthermore, the relationship which both EU and UK seek to have would be based on intergovernmental form of collaboration. This means there will no legal rights of free movements in the labour sector but through a controlled labour mobility plus a contribution to the EU budget. The main purpose of such proposal is to continue the cooperation on matters of common interest. Talking in an interview to The Guardian, Theresa May stated: “The future framework for our relation with the European Union clearly identifies that we will have an independent trade policy and we will be able to do negotiable trade deals with countries around the rest of the world”(BBC,2016). One of the biggest worry for EU is the effect of Brexit upon its pharmaceutical industry. European Medicines Agency (EMA) which was based in London since its foundation in 1995, will have to relocate there headquarter from London to any other 27 remaining member states of the EU. EMA which runs the EU centralized system for approving new medicines and also act as a regulatory body of national competence authorities (NCA) and is also responsible for licensing and regulating drugs in each member state. However, the EU was hoping to minimize the threat by slowing down the transfer process over a phased transition period of few years along with the gradual withdrawal of UK from the EU which supposed to start from March, 2019. In this way UK would have continued to assist the agency’s operations and also would help in publishing the key documents such as guidelines. Unfortunately, the agency plans to relocate the headquarters quickly which will result in the complete break between EU and UK in March, 2019. Countries such as Denmark, France, Italy and Spain has shown their interest in order to host the EMA headquarters. Although, Brexit will lead to a substantial negative effect f

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