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Risk management

You are the risk manager of a hospital. A nurse from the operating room reports that, during a surgery, the head surgeon did not conduct a “time out” to confirm the side and site of the surgery. You question the surgeon, and he denies the incident. There is no injury to the patient.

What is the nature of the risk? Who is at risk? What additional information do you require? What actions can be taken to prevent recurrence of the incident

To support your work, use your course and textbook readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

Sample Solution

War Poems and Poets I contemplated Rosenberg's "Rest day in entrenchment". The remainder of the day is a loosening up start of a quiet new day, so this title implies a quiet climate. The entire sonnet has a delicate and tranquil inclination against it, and the writer accomplishes this by utilizing reverberation. Delicate consonants, for example, "resting green" and "compassion". Despite the fact that the sonnet has a quiet climate, the artist needs to state out of resentment and war in verse. The artist remarked on the staggering impact of the war against the earth and the opportunity it took from people. Composing against war verse is exceptionally troublesome. Numerous artists are against political verse. They accept that an appropriate vehicle for feeling is a segment, not a sonnet. When Randall Jarrell read Auden on September 1, 1939, "He didn't comprehend the possibility of ??the writer." despite colonialism and universal errors, he left altering sonnets, And Jarrell composed. Those perusing "September 1, 1939" knew about the absence of significant sonnets composed upon the arrival of extraordinary occasions. The sonnet on July 14 mirrors the breakdown of Bastille and its conceivable impact, yet on the day the Germans attacked Poland toward the start of the Second World War and reasons made by Germans, Oden got 50 I plunked down. Make a plunge Second Street, and started to enter the obscure, dull, awful things as a climactic of "disrespected 10 years" "Harmony and war in American history", American history of David Riemann, and a progression of composition by artistic pioneers A writer of war is an artist who composed his experience by partaking in the war, or a noncombatant who composed verse of war. This term applies explicitly to individuals who serve during the First World War, however this term applies to any warrior of any nationality who composed any war, including Homer Yiale of the eighth century BC and Old English Poem "Fight" . Fight Mardon commending the genuine battle in 991, and verse, for example, American and Spanish common war, Crimean war.

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