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Risk of harm and safeguarding with a service user, carer, family or group.

Critically analyse and evaluate an example from your own practice that, during your placement, involved working with risk of harm and safeguarding with a service user, carer, family or group.

Cloud computing

1) Define and discuss cloud computing.

2) Discuss how cloud computing has changed how companies budget for software solutions.

3) Compare and contrast SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, and provide an example of each.

4) Define scalability and discuss how the cloud impacts it.

Sample Solution

The Birlings dining room is where the action is focused and the passing of time on stage is the same as the theatre. The breaks between Acts are not used to change scenery, so they do not disturb the action of the play. Therefore the play seems more realistic and convincing for the audience. In Classical Greek drama, the Three Unities were followed. They included the Unity of Place, which required the location of the action to stay the same. The unity of Time, which encouraged the action to mirror the passing of real time. Finally the Unity of Action meant that only one plot existed. J.B.Priestley has successfully met all the criteria ans in the process he has created realstic characters. The Inspector reports Eva Smiths interactions with the Birlng family to the audience. Their meetings with Eva happened off-stage, so the Inspector forces the family to decribe their past dealings with Eve in detail. His role is similar to the Chorus in Greek plays. The Inspector summarises the action and comments on individual characters, explaining the lessons that need to be learnt. The Inspector includes the audience and this makes the play a more interactive experience in the plays characters. Social class is an obsession of Arthur Birlings and his biggest fear after the departure of the Inspector is that he wont get his Knighthood! The small social things matter to Sybil and Arthur, especially whan they are entertaining Gerald. Arthur has the same port as Geralds father. Sybil is unhappy when her husband says what good food it was and to Tell cook from me. This would involve Sybil actually talking to one of her servents! Likewise, the order of events is claerly defined, food, port, the women retire to the drawing room whilst the men smoke cigars. This lifestyle is very ceremonial. The middle and upper classes clearly behave as if their wealth makes them better poeple and they are rarely relaxed. Certain things are not discussed and Sybil, Arthur and Gerald are presented as quite cold people. Prostitution, mistresses and alcoholism are all not to be mentioned and Sybil is sure that girls from the lower classes are lacking fine feelings and scruples. Her comments show her repressed emotions towards life. Sybil is only concerned with etiquette and advoiding inappropriate word of behaviour.

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