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Risk of Violent Crime Victimization

Describe the authors’ research questions, methodology, results, and findings.
Describe how the methodology helped the authors answer the research questions.
Describe how this article could or should influence public policy.
If you were to replicate the research of Lemieux and Felson using the data from Week 2 Project, would you have all the data you need to replicate their research? Are the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) statistics sufficient for reproducing their research?
What might be missing and preventing you from completing their research using the data from W2 Assignment 2?
How would you go about getting the needed information to complete their research?
Identify and describe other measures of crime in the United States that would be more appropriate to replicate their research and include a description of those data sources.

Sample Solution

nd business performance (Ngai and Ellis,1998). According to them, this wasn’t different in the case of Hong Kong either (a case of non-western economy). Data collected from 73 textile industries, which then analysed as an evidence-based study by using MKTOR scale introduced by Narver and Slater’s (1990). Similarly, Charles et al. (2012) establishes a positive relationship between market orientation and business performance in an emerging market scenario. They conducted a questionnaire-based survey of 220 managers of manufacturing companies in Kenya. Apart from the above result, they also found that there are significant effects of business environment on business performance. In service industry, a recent study conducted by Zianuddin et al. (2017) on a hotel industry in Malaysia establishes the importance of marketing on the performance of hotel. A research was done on 108 employees from variety of department of Permai hotel (three star) using reliability analysis, descriptive frequency analysis, Pearson’s correlation analysis, and regression analysis. They found some positive variables influencing performance such as communication, empathy etc but the most influential components of relationship marketing orientation that affect organizational performance were reciprocity. The results above were consistent with studies of Agarwal et al. (2003) in which they concluded marketing orientation is positively associated with both judgmental measurement of performance – service quality, employee or customer satisfaction as well as the objective measures of performance – market share or gross profit. Their study was based on 201 international hotels, where is specifically concludes that the impact of marketing orientation is to spur innovation. CONCLUSION This paper theoretically established a comparative analysis on how marketing orientation relates and compared to other business orientations such as product, brand and learning orientations. There are several overlapping positive relationships between these business orientations. However, while distinguishing between them, ma

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